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Name: Execu-Suites - Vancouver - Marine Building

Address: 355 Burrard Street #1000, Vancouver Canada V6C 2G8 Canada


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“The building suggests some great marine rock rising from the sea, clinging with sea flora and fauna, tinted in sea green, flashed with gold, at night a dim silhouette piercing the sea mists,” wrote the Vancouver Sun in an opening day supplement on October 7, 1930.

The building was the brainchild of Lt. Cmdr. J.W. Hobbs, who envisioned a New York style skyscraper in downtown Vancouver. What Hobbs achieved is one of the world’s great masterpieces of Art Deco architecture.

He found a site at the foot of Burrard Street that would give his tower spectacular views of the harbour and North Shore mountains. Hobbs hired the local firm of McCarter and Nairne to create his vision. Inspired by New York’s Chrysler building, they were excited at the chance to create their own dazzling Art Deco showpiece. [“This is the height of Art Deco, the absolute height of it”, says Don Luxton, president of the Canadian Art Deco Society]

Hobbs told Nairne “the sky’s the limit”, and Nairne took him at his word. He envisioned the lobby as a cavernous Mayan temple, filled to the brim with treasures. Junior architects designed a dizzying array of sea creatures. Snails, snakes, crabs, turtles, carp, scallops, seaweed and sea horses swam and frolicked over the walls and polished brass doors – they even represented the numerals on a large wall clock.

When it opened in 1930 at a cost of $2.3 million, ($1.1 million over budget), the Marine Building was the talk of the town. Impresario Hugh Pickett was among the hundreds of Vancouverites who attended the gala opening. “It was quite a gala event, because it was the biggest building in the city.” “There was a big mob of citizens – everybody that was interested in the city was there – it was an important moment in the history of the city.”

Uniformed doormen stood by massive brass doors opening onto the dazzling lobby and sailor-suited women waited to escort passengers in five high-speed elevators, the walls of which were inlaid with 12 varieties of British Columbia hardwoods. Streamlined Canada geese soar above the front entrance, illuminated by rays of sunshine that were originally cloaked in gold leaf. An osprey looms above the revolving door with a fish in its claws, and an eagle stands guard at the top of the entrance. It was by far the most glamorous structure many visitors had seen in their lives.

An extensive $17 million renovation was carried out from 1982 – 1989 to restore the building to its original glory. Once the only office tower in the area, the Marine Building now stands at the center of the city’s downtown core, reminding us what a dreamer can achieve. Hobbs would have been proud.

Not all workspace is created equal, and today's entrepreneur is privy to a fantastic range of space to suit all types of working requirements.

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Private Offices

Often referred to as serviced offices or executive offices, Private Offices are individual suites that come in all shapes and sizes. Generally, private offices are rented out to small businesses with a package of services, flexible lease terms and simple monthly invoices. The package of services often includes office furniture, cabling, receptionist services, and access to meeting rooms.


Coworking spaces are shared environments in which people from different companies pay to use the workspace on a simple membership basis. Because of its shared nature, rental costs are often much cheaper than private offices. The 2008 recession sparked a massive rise in the use of Coworking spaces, and the industry has continued to expand and diversify ever since.

Hybrid Coworking & Private Offices

The popularity of both Coworking and Private Offices means that many operators now provide a mix of both types of workspace under the same roof. This gives occupants of Private Offices the chance to collaborate and network with Coworking users. It also provides scale-up opportunities for Coworking members that have outgrown their shared space.

Virtual Office

Popular with remote teams, freelancers and home-based business owners, a Virtual Office gives small firms a local presence without the costly commitments of a physical office. Virtual Office clients get a real business address, live receptionist support, a mailing point and mail forwarding services, plus the option to rent meeting rooms or day offices on-demand.

Conference Rooms

In our increasingly mobile landscape, business owners and independent professionals need instant access to Conference Rooms all over the world. There's a huge spectrum of Conference Rooms available, from small interview rooms and boardrooms to video conferencing suites. They're furnished, well-equipped, and usually provide catering and concierge services too.

Event Space

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Incubator Space

Designed to nurture early stage startup businesses, an Incubator Space is normally one of several services provided by a party (often publicly funded) with a vested interest - such as a university or a non-profit organization. The physical workspace is usually part of a package of support services that may include mentoring, training, funding and equipment.

Accelerator Space

Designed to accelerate early-stage or small businesses, Accelerator Spaces typically accommodate startup cohorts with externally developed ideas. Entrepreneurs benefit from access to physical workspace in addition to other services, such as seed capital, mentoring and training in exchange for small amounts of equity.

Maker Space

A commercial Maker Space is like a coworking space for hands-on creativity. Maker Spaces usually come kitted out with various tools and materials to enable entrepreneurs to collaborate, design and create physical products. The tools provided can be anything from 3D printers and laser cutters to soldering irons and sewing machines.


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