Tue, Dec 01 2020

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Name: Alliance Virtual Offices - Lima - Lima Office Space II

Address: Av. Alberto del Campo 411, Suite 1202, Lima Peru 15076 Peru


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Alliance Virtual Offices combines three central components necessary to service mobile and work-from-home professionals: 


Simply stated, we deliver the complete virtual office. 

The overhead costs of setting up an office can be exorbitant, and we know that our clients would rather be making money than spending it unnecessarily. Our experienced, professional live receptionists (People), on-demand offices (Place) and virtual phone system (Technology) make it a breeze for our clients to operate flexibly and project a better, more professional image – all at unbeatable values.



Started in 2010, Alliance Virtual Offices boasts a management team that collectively holds decades of virtual and alternative officing experience. Our front line of sales representatives, customer support and live answering teams has industry experience that rivals the management team. Whether you are trying to weigh various officing options or if you simply need help managing your virtual office, our committed and experienced team can help you get the most of your virtual office.


Our mission is to offer the most complete, reliable and feature-rich set of virtual office services to our global market of mobile professionals and work-from-home entrepreneurs. We know that we do not succeed unless our clients do, so Alliance strives to stay ahead bring our clients the best, new products and services at a great value.

Rate Card:

• Platinum Plan : $60/mo
• Platinum with Live Receptionist : $195/mo
• Platinum Plus : $350/mo
• Platinum Plus with Live Receptionist : $485/mo

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