Mon, Nov 30 2020

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Name: Third Door - London - London

Address: 16 Point Pleasant, Putney, London England SW18 1GG United Kingdom


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Third Door is a collaborative community where members can excel in their careers and be around for their children. You can focus on your work, confident that your children are being cared for in a warm and stimulating environment.

Third Door gives you access to a new way of working, bringing together work and family and providing a space for you to grow. You can use the Workhub or Nursery on their own, or both together.


We believe it is possible to excel in your career and be around for your children.

When you book your child onto one of our fixed or flexible packages, you get to use our comfortable bright coworking space for free.

Because we are not a creche, you can leave your child with us for the whole day if you need to go to a meeting. Also by using our Workhub, you will lose your commute once you drop your little one off in our Nursery.

About Third Door

Third Door is about you.
Your family, your career, and your peace of mind.

We bring together a collaborative community of working parents and passionate childcare professionals, who believe that work and family can grow together.

Our Story

We understand the difficulties faced by today’s working parents when looking for flexible childcare – our founder, Shazia, faced the same difficulties when returning to work after her first child.

Back in 2008, Shazia was trying to work around looking after her five-month-old daughter and finding it extremely difficult. She wanted a place to work in peace, where her baby would be cared for nearby. Nowhere offered a solution, so Shazia and her husband Yusuf decided to create one themselves.

And so Third Door was born!

Third Door is a collaborative and dynamic community, built with the passionate belief that it is possible to excel in your career AND be around for your children.


Our Values

Our ethos is very important to us, and we aim to create an environment where children, parents and staff are all able to embody our values together.


It is through mutual respect that we have created the wonderful atmosphere we have at Third Door.

We ask our members, children and team to respect our environment, not to waste resources and recycle what they can. Respect for each other is at the heart of everything we do; receptionist, Head of Learning, CEO, IT Consultant, parent, child, Early Years Educator; it makes Third Door what it is.


Our nursery team are curious childcare practitioners, who have each worked on qualifications in their spare time to help improve their practice and careers. We look to employ people who are curious about their work with small children. This helps the children develop a natural curiosity, and the activities and planning we do around each child encourage their interests.

Clearly, our adult members also value curiosity as many have chosen to use Third Door to create their own careers and businesses.


We find that confidence and peace of mind go hand in hand – for children and for parents. Before we can teach young children anything they must have the confidence to be themselves in our setting. We invest a lot of energy in nurturing each child to bring out their individual characters.

Confidence also comes from being in a smaller setting with a mix of ages – we find that older and younger children gain confidence by interacting with each other. We place a lot of emphasis on training our team to have the confidence to be excellent practitioners within our setting. And parents gain confidence and peace of mind working near their children, knowing that they are having a great time in our nursery!


At Third Door, we host a thriving community of parents who work flexibly – whether for themselves as a freelancer or consultant, setting up a business, as a remote worker or contractor, or even as a permanent employee using our coworking space as their flexible office.

We encourage anyone to join our coworking space, we simply ask that you have a family-friendly attitude.

Whether you have older children and just want a space to work from, or are not yet a parent but want a friendly and welcoming work environment.

What matters to us is that you share our values of respect, curiosity and kindness to one another. 

As a Third Door member, you can choose the package that suits you best, with our coworking-only prices starting from £65 per month.

How it works

Our Coworking space is the perfect place to build your new business, get your freelance work done, or even set up your team to work together.

Book your desk online in advance, for only the days or hours you need, and enjoy the flexibility of a workspace that works for you.

Our Coworking space is a caring and collaborative environment that will help you foster creativity and innovation in your work.

We are a like-minded community of professionals who are leading the way in finding flexible solutions to modern family life.


From time to time we host events for our members – from freelancing workshops, to family picnics or networking events. Keep an eye on our social media feeds to see what we’re up to!

Rate Card:

• Nursery + Coworking Space : £368 30 HOURS per month
• Coworking Space - 45 hours : £99
• Coworking Space - 99 hours : £175
• Coworking Space - 125 hours : £199
• Coworking Space - Unlimited : £299
• Meeting Room Hire :
• Monthly Member - Per Hour : £10 + VAT
• Monthly Member - Per Day : £65 + VAT
• Non-Members - Per Hour : £20 + VAT
• Non-Members - Per Day : £115 + VAT

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