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Name: Central Working - London - Shoreditch

Address: 6-8 Bonhill Street, London England EC2A 4BX United Kingdom


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Our Shoreditch club sits in the heart of London's Silicon Roundabout or Tech City as it is more famously known. Featuring a beautiful courtyard shared with Google Campus spread over two floors, as well as private office spaces for companies of up to 15. It’s colourful, spacious and full of natural light. True to its location’s reputation, Shoreditch has a vibrant, but productive atmosphere. Both friendly and warm, it’s got a highly collaborative vibe, good local pubs, with a great creative energy.

Central Working takes care of your workspace, but to make it easier for you to look after yourselves, we’ve hunted around to find deals, offers and discounts for our members within the local community.

The story of why

Central Working was started to address challenges that James Layfield, founder, believes all new business owners are affected by. The first was the space. Why sign leases for three, four, or even five years when you have no way of knowing how big or small your business will be in that time? Wouldn’t you prefer a space with soul, and a place you can envisage yourself going to work everyday? Somewhere you’ll be more likely to connect with the talent that you want to attract.

The second was support. It’s really difficult to be an entrepreneur, running your own business. There will be difficult times or issues that you might not feel you can speak to your team about, these problems then get bottled up and cause you unnecessary stress.

That’s why Central Working offers incredible flexibility with no leases to worry about. We also give you a genuine support network; other people like you, running businesses, having problems, helping each other by sharing their experience and knowledge.

Our values

Lots of people talk about ‘community’ and ‘networking’, but they just mean something random that relies on serendipity. At Central Working when we talk about reinvigorating community, we mean something much more reliable than that.

You spend most of your time in your office, so we’ve created a workplace that gives you a real and supportive community. It isn’t random, and is made up of people that really want to look after you and care for you, making you want to come into work each day. When you walk into a Central Working location, you can feel that these people care about you - not just our team, but the membership as a whole - it’s a real community, for you.

It’s pretty common to see someone walking around with their nose buried in their phone, and to us, that isn’t how business is done. The magic happens when you’re sat across a table, looking another person in the eye, talking to them with enthusiasm; that’s why our second value is about cherishing human connection. Email, Facebook, even instant messenger doesn’t offer that; that’s why we put you in the room with the right people. Our team don’t have computers to sit behind; they will have a conversation with you, know your name and about your company, they care about you and what you do.

The way that those human connections help you is our third value: creating magical moments, with love, care and attention. The word love isn’t used a huge amount in business, but we think it’s important. Your workspace is where you spend most of your time, so if you don’t feel like there’s some truly inspirational magic in the air, what is the point? With us, you’ll be able to create moments that encourage your business to thrive.

Our members tell us there’s something amazing about our spaces, and we believe it’s the amount of effort and love that we put in. We can tell you our story, but the only way to really ‘get it’ is to come in and feel the difference for yourself.


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