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Tom  Morrell

Name: Tom Morrell

Address: London United Kingdom

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Primary Service: Coaching

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Alive and Thrive Wellbeing Limited

I am a professional coach and trainer specialising in the wellbeing and resilience of people in the workplace. Alive and Thrive Wellbeing Limited specialises in coaching that provides personal, science based positive psychological interventions that enable those who we work with - executives, senior and middle managers, and other employees - to cope with the challenges they experience from anxiety and stress, particularly in the workplace.

We help our clients resolve the anxiety and stress that gets in the way of life and work. We provide before and after measures of staff wellbeing. The immediate feedback provides individuals with their own wellbeing profile and how they have progressed following our intervention. We can also provide a holistic and anonymous before and after measure of organisational wellbeing that supports related strategies and policies.

Working strategically with executives we help them to tailor the most appropriate intervention to improve individual and corporate wellbeing. This might include training, workshops, and a structured coaching programme based on the latest neuroscience and psychological findings, underpinned by an understanding of the body chemicals and elements that promote wellbeing.

Key strategic interventions improve attendance, retention and motivation, which positively impacts on individual and organisational performance, sustainability and wellbeing.

We also cover specialist areas around diversity and inclusion, and employee engagement.


-Alive and Thrive Wellbeing Limited-
Jan 2010 – Present
Alive and Thrive Wellbeing Limited was founded in 2010. It extends to a comprehensive offering that supports workplace wellbeing and resilience, both at the specialist neuroscience and body chemistry level and more traditional interventions that make a positive impact.

We work with employees and senior managers in organisations to help create better working environments, reduce costs associated with stress, and release the potential of staff to make a real difference to the success of their organisation.

We additionally specialise in providing training in diversity and inclusion, leadership and management, and employee engagement. We facilitate laughter sessions to promote the great benefits on spontaneous laughter.

-Trainer with Hemsley Fraser-
Consulting Partner
Nov 2013 – Present
On behalf of Hemsley Fraser I specialise in designing and delivering diversity and inclusion training, and employee engagement training to global and multi-national company leaders. I additionally deliver a range of leadership and management courses. These are available via the Hemsley Fraser website (

-Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development-
Chartered FCIPD
Jan 2009 – Present
I am an active Chartered Fellow member with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. The organisation champions better work and working lives. My contribution to this mission is through my local branch and regional activity with CIPD London. I was Chair of the South-West London Branch from 2013 to 2016. I continue to speak at and facilitate local CIPD events.

I am currently chair of the Engage for Success London Region Thought and Action Group for senior leaders, one of the CIPD national regional groups for promoting employee engagement.

-Engage for Success-
Chair - Employee Engagement - London Region
Apr 2015 – Present
I Chair the Engage for Success (E4S) London Region Thought and Action Group on behalf of the National Employee Engagement Task Force and CIPD. I facilitate strategic representatives to explore more on applying this challenging area so that they can breathe passion back into their own business on employee engagement. The group welcomes new members from medium or large organisations.

Visit to learn more. Contact me if you would like to get involved on behalf of your organisation.

-NeuroLeadership Institute-
Dec 2014 – Jun 2018
Membership of the Neuroleadership Institute used to help keep me updated of the latest developments around neuroscience in relation to leadership, management and people development. Since qualifying as a wellbeing coach using neuroscience with the ILM I now have other means of achieving this.

-University of East London-
Visiting Lecturer - MBA programme
Jan 2017 – Jan 2018
Providing lecturing support in people management, diversity and inclusion, employee engagement and leadership to MBA programme students.

-Kingston University London, UK-
Visiting Lecturer
Feb 2015 – Aug 2017
Providing international and local lecturing support in Moscow and London for HRM courses on organisational learning and employee engagement.

-GrowthAccelerator (part of the Business Growth Service)-
Registered coach expert with Business Growth Service
Dec 2014 – Dec 2015
I provided coaching support for the Government backed Businss Growth Service programme GrowthAccelerator until it was withdrawn at the Government Spending Review of December 2015.

This provided tailored support to SMEs of less than 249 employees promoting new connections and routes to:

• Build a successful growth strategy
• Unlock capacity for innovation
• Harness the power of employees

-University of Roehampton-
Visiting Lecturer
Oct 2012 – Jun 2015
I provided lecturing support to HRM courses in the following areas:
Employee Engagement
Performance Management
Diversity and Equality
Recruitment and Selection
Competency Development

Chris Bond, Principal Lecturer and MBA Programme Director at the University of Roehampton said "Tom is an active and engaged trainer and consultant. He has delivered a number of sessions at the university for our masters students and members of our local CMI Branch. Tom has a wealth of knowledge and experience in many areas of organisational and management development, he shares this in an engaging and participative manner in training sessions that he delivers. "

-The British Quality Foundation-
Lead Assessor
2000 – Jan 2015
I was a Lead Assessor for the British Quality Foundation (BQF). I assessed many large organisations in the private, not-for-profit and public sectors using the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model. Industries that I have assessed include criminal justice, local government, pharmaceutical, financial, housing and courier delivery.

I am a member of the EFQM Excellence Model User Group Steering Committee through which I provide guidance to individuals and organisations that wish to achieve improved excellent performance. More information may be found on the BQF website.

2010 – 2015

-Metropolitan Police Service-
Jan 1977 – Apr 2010
Leading the corporate diversity and inclusion teams from 2006 - 2010 was my final role in the MPS. Preceding this my career was packed with operational and corporate responsibilities on various senior management teams that included experience of operational and strategic leadership, building partnerships, people management, and promoting trust and confidence. My specialist experience lies in community policing.

Alive and Thrive Wellbeing Limited

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