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Luc Kamperman

Name: Luc Kamperman

Address:200 Broadway, New York 10038 United States

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Veldhoen + Company

My background is a Master in Business Management (1996-2001). For over 17 years I have guided organizations on implementing Activity Based Working. First 6 years out of the Netherlands, from 2008-2013 in Sydney (Australia), since 2017 in NYC (US). I work with leadership teams to align their business strategy to a desired workstyle (read as working culture) and then what this means for their workplace strategy. In 2011 I participated in a management buy-out and since then I'm a partner of Veldhoen + Company globally and focus on international business development. I love being in new places and travelling to new places.


Luc Kamperman - Partner Veldhoen + Company

Luc Kamperman is a partner of Veldhoen + Company, a Dutch consultancy firm that originally developed the Activity Based Working (ABW) philosophy in the Netherlands in the early nineties.
Luc joined Veldhoen + Company in 2002. Between 2008 and 2013 he founded the office in Sydney to coach Australian companies like Macquarie Bank, Commonwealth Bank, PwC and Merck/MSD on their own ABW journeys. All projects that have been highly recognized as leading edge ABW examples in the APAC market.

Mid 2013 Luc re-located back to the Netherlands. Focusing on further business development in Europe and US. Working on projects for PwC Netherlands, Merck/MSD (globally) and Scotiabank in Canada.

Since mid 2017 Luc is based in New York, setting up a Veldhoen office that delivers ABW services to the north American market.

Luc holds a Master in Business Management and focuses on effective transitions to future workstyles, driven by business vision and values and with a strong focus on people and change perspective.

He believes that “Activity Based Working has proven to be a very effective tool for organizational and human development”.


Veldhoen + Company


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Services Offered: Global
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