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Florian  Pucher

Name: Florian Pucher

Address: Shanghai City China

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Primary Service: Design

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CURIO Styles

A dedicated designer with more than fourteen years of professional experience and the hunger to explore all possible scales and materials in design, interior and architecture. I have worked on almost everything between conceptual tableware and complex city planning projects.

I am a fast paced worker with an eye on quality of execution always coming up with solutions to mitigate possible issues. I consider myself a hands-on designer, an on-site fixer and can manage, lead and motivate a team to get things done. I do love to take conceptual approaches but also don't shy away from commercial jobs which I have done plenty in the automotive event industry. I can grasp company philosophy, brand values and design languages quickly and distill them into design.

Believing that where there is a complex solution there must be a simple one as well I am highly collaborative, enjoy working in a cross-functional approach and honed my communication skills in the process of dealing with externals, team members and stakeholders.


-CURIO Styles-
Founder / Owner
May 2011 – Present
The second foray into product design that made it into a product and a brand.

-Studio Florian Pucher-
Oct 2004 – Present
I develop self-initiated projects mainly in product design and furniture design with my partner Liu Bo. The most fruitful product originating in this collaboration is our rug series LANDCARPET that won ELLE DECO award for 'best floor covering China 2009' and has been featured in 50+ magazines and 800+ blogs and articles online.

Our limited edition rugs are purchased by design-loving individuals and our unique pieces can be found in private collections, institutions and in the 'Museum Europaeischer Kulturen' in Berlin as well as in renown design museum M+ in Hong Kong.

-LEGO Group-
Interior Design Manager - Workplace
Nov 2015 – Dec 2017
In my role I oversee, review and drive the workplace design of The LEGO Group, with a regional focusing on APAC. In a small but dedicated design team we manage lots of interesting tasks and guarantee a recognizable and coherent LEGO look&feel for all our premises worldwide while developing cutting -edge workplaces that engage and retain our employees.

Within the Design&Engagement team I was selected to drive the creation of a full set of LEGO design standards for all workplaces of The LEGO group.

Office refurbishments and relocations I have worked on include Singapore, Seoul, Munich and Shanghai.

I volunteered for the social committee which is dedicated to improving employee satisfaction and well-being and initiated and am the initiator and driver of the 'brick club' where we foster employee engagement and play.

Cofounder / Organizer / Host
Dec 2006 – Nov 2015
Pechakucha is not just a networking and lecture event but a phenomenon that has the creative world in its grip and managed to spread out in hundreds of cities world wide. Since co-founding Pechakucha Beijing end of 2006 I organized and hosted 30 events with a total of 262 lectures and more than 12.000 visitors.

-HighTeam Marketing Communication-
Stage & Event Designer (#Studio Florian Pucher)
Jun 2012 – Jun 2015
I created a series of architectural and interior concepts for sales events, travel exhibitions and car shows. My responsibilities included sub-contracting and supervision of visualization, drawing packages and site supervision during execution phase for various events. Clients included Audi, Bentley, BMW, Brilliance, Denza, Infiniti, Jaguar Landrover, Lexus, Mercedes, TCL and VW.

Lead Design Consultant (#Studio Florian Pucher)
Apr 2013 – Nov 2014
Responsible for creating a coherent look for the group's company headquarter in Erdos, inner Mongolia. Planned and designed of 40,000m2 of landscape, upgraded look&feel for exterior facades and redesigned the visitor center's facades and interiors. Acted as design lead and of 17 floors of office interiors, a cinema, an indoor stadium, the factory outlet, the canteen and other public areas of the complex.

I also acted as link between ERDOS Cashmere group and British interior company Amos and Amos who re-branded the group's high-end cashmere stores 'Blue'. I was responsible for communication between client, designers and manufacturers as well as for local site coordination and design implementation for the first new store in Beijing.

-Woods Bagot-
Design Leader - Architecture & Urban Planning
Jul 2008 – Aug 2011
Within the architecture department I worked on large scale urban masterplans, mixed-use architectural masterplans and city planning projects in a leading design. My responsibilities included creation of concept design, supervising visualization and model making as well as presentation to officials and corporate clients.

Our competition entry for a second CBD for Beijing was awarded first prize but remained unrealized.

-Mi2 Interior Design and Architecture-
Senior Interior Designer - Corporate Office Interiors
Sep 2007 – Jun 2008
I developed fast and full concept designs and preliminary designs for a number of corporate office interiors for international firms in Beijing and Shanghai. I supervised visualization of the designs, assisted with budget creation and material selection as well as the sales pitch and presentation of the concept to clients.

-MAD architects-
Senior Designer - Architecture focus
Apr 2005 – Oct 2006
I joined MAD very early on and thus was able to work on and develop many of the first buildings of Ma Yansong who went from shooting star to established architect. Besides a multitude of fast paced competitions aimed at pushing the boundaries of design and architecture I have worked on or led key projects such as Hong Luo Club, Europlaza, Rising House, Mongolian Villa, Erdos Museum and Mississauga Towers.

Apr 2003 – Aug 2003
I worked on a few competitions and then moved to the CCTV team. Just a small wheel in the big machine I can still claim to have tested and folded about half of the hundred-plus paper models of the building and losing a finger tip in the process. I also built one of the finest 1:200 architecture models in architectural history and reset every single column and mullion of the facade in tedious hours of CAD labor.

I am especially glad to having been in Beijing the whole time during construction and having been to site numerous times seeing this building go up in all its glory from basement all the way to helipad.

CURIO Styles

Keys Services offered

CURIO is run by Florian Pucher and Sophia Liu, a designer couple based in Austria and China. Florian is a trained architect but product designer by choice who likes experimenting and exploring and Sophia is a graphic designer with a curious mind and a keen eye for details and finishing.

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