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Ed  Zapanta

Name: Ed Zapanta

Address: San Bruno United States

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Primary Service: Design

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* Founder AR/VR/AI/MR Pioneer/Developer, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality innovator. ...develops immersive interactive "patented" 3D Hologram Technologies low tech solutions for Advertising, Communications, Entertainment/Education applications using centuries old "peppers ghost" technique repackage to our 21st century using existing LED technology! ...It's Accessible, Cheap and Easy to use for all smart LED devices w/out HMD ACE for the future! ...Patented Vergence Free "3D Holo-Box" Form Factor ...a Game Changer!

*Comprehensive experience as a Mechanical Design Engineer combined with superior CAD designing, detailing and engineering expertise which will allow me to further utilize my skills, to provide and produce results for the company.

* Mechanical Designer with more than eight years mechanical design.
* Project experiences includes Cisco Systems server computers, Veeco’s PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) process equipments, various Space System Loral geostationary commercial satellite 1300 series platform (i.e. Echostar, Satmex, ICO, AsiaSat, Nimiq, Telstar, etc...), Lockheed Space Systems Martin THAAD program and Gillette Company, Consumer Product Division (see six assigned US patents for Gillette at USPTO website below).

* Duties involved mechanical, electro-mechanical, specifications, designed parts and complex assemblies, plastic injection molded parts, prototyping, vendor and manufacturing interface, product and packaging development process, creating accurate BOM and incorporating ECO's for manufacturing release.

Specialties: Proficient at Pro-E Creo-Element ver 5.0, Pro-E (+15,000 hours) Wildfire 3.0, Windchill 9.1, INTRALINK 3.4, Pro-E Basic and Advanced 3d-modeling design, Pro-E Production Drawing, Pro-Mechanica, Pro-E Sheetmetal, Pro-E Cabling, Pro-E Surfacing, ASME Y14.5, AutoCad, Adobe Illustrator, Imagination.

* See attached images of designs using Pro-Engineer below


May 2016 – Present
...Developed Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality Hologram content App using similar Open Source SDK for smart mobile/tablet devices.
...Pubished/posted "3D Side By Side" Virtual Reality Technical and Miscellaneous contents using proprietary "EZ 3D Stereoscope Technology" on LinkedIn and FaceBook social media platform.
...Designed “HoloBox” Augmented Reality form factor (no vergence) for use on any smart mobile devices.
...Proficient on 3D CAD applications for Virtual Reality Applications such as ARKit, ARCore, Unity, UnReal, Vuforia, Pro-Engineer Creo softwares.
...Demoed as exhibitor, VR/AR/MR applications at major industry Conferences/Meetups related to
AR/VR industry such as AWE17 (Augmented World Expo), Worlds Fair Nano17, SVVR17 (Silicon Valley Virtual Reality), Dreamforce17, Silicon Valley ComicCon17, San Francisco ComicCon17, etc.
...Won AR/VR Hackaton sponsored by One Traction, see

-Samsung Electronics America-
Mechanical Engineer Designer
Dec 2014 – Mar 2016
• Responsible for 3D designs of mechanical structures of 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U system architectures NVMe Reference Design to leverage 2.5" SSD and M.2 SSD (Solid State Drive).
• Provided Pro-E CAD 3D CAD design and drawing support for Samsung MSL (Memory Solutions Lab) R&D. Provided creation of complex 3D chassis design layout, cable/harness layout, detail drawings of sheet metal parts and installation of sheet metal assemblies of data center products.
• Worked on new design collaterals for Microsoft’s and Facebook’s Open Source Cloud Server Project to leverage SSD (Solid State Drive).
• Provided 3D Visual Presentations of new design concepts using 3D CAD, generating MsPowerPoint movie files, 3D Virtual Reality demos, 3D Holograms and 3D polarized demos. Some of my demos were showcased at the "Flash Memory Summit" Keynote Address/Samsung booth August 2015 held at Santa Clara Convention, Ca.
• Applied appropriate design rules for clearance & tolerances and DFM Design for Manufacturability.
• Checked parts for interference and adherence to company standards.

-Cisco Systems-
Mechanical Design Engineer
Jan 2013 – Aug 2014
• Member of the team that helped in designing Cisco’s 4UL and 10UL CETUS AND TERMINATOR main router products.
• Provided Pro-E design and drawing support to the mechanical engineering staff; provided creation of complex design layout, cabling and harness design, label designs and detail drawings of complex sheetmetal parts and installation of sheetmetal assemblies of routers.
* Updated Cisco legacy router drawings per ECO, making sure all parts, assemblies and drawings are up to date.
• Applied appropriate design rules for clearance & tolerances and DFM design for manufacturability.
• Checked parts for interference and adherence to standards.
• Checked all sheet metal parts and assemblies for interferences; performed the necessary detail clean up and changes.
• Utilized Pro-E Creo Element 5.0, Windchill 10.

-Pro Source Inc.-
Pro-E Mechanical Engineer
Jun 2012 – Aug 2012
* Helped and supported GoPro Creative team in producing all 2D line drawings for packaging layout and installation instruction pamphlets needed for product launch using creo 5.
* Generated preliminary design options of plastic injection 3D molded parts used in consumer electronics using creo 5.
* Helped revised current 3d model design to conform with revised parts and assemblies.
* Generated top level assembly of all parts, sub-assemblies into one giant file using simplified representations and exploded views for easy engineering access.

-Cisco Systems-
Mechanical Engineer
Nov 2011 – Feb 2012
* Part of the team that help design the Jawbreaker 16-Slot Chassis Server.
* Provided robust design for side panels left and right chassis assemblies, hat sections sheetmetal installation adding rivets and cutouts to lighten structure.
* Provided various design options for fan tray shutter sheetmetal structure using thin lightweight steel louvers that shots off when fan turns off. Also design for the new latching mechanism. Cable and harness layout.
* Applied appropriate design rules for clearance and tolerances, DFM design for manufacturability.
* Checked all sheetmetal parts and assemblies for interferences, did the necessary detail clean up and changes.
* Help coordinated build of prototype piece parts and assemblies for FoxConn.
* Used Pro-E creo element 5.0, Windchill, EDMS.

-Space Systems Loral-
Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer
Oct 2005 – Sep 2009
* Part of LORAL's satellite Main Body Structure Subsystem Design team. Developed and designed, entire product development life cycle from concept through production of (GreP) graphite epoxy panel honeycomb composites used in the satellite mainbody structure like Earth/Anti-Earth/ACS Panels, N/S Web Panels, Central/Extension Cylinder, hold down brackets, Dapm Supports. Wave guides, cable and wire harness, fabrication fixture design, tooling fixtures.
* Provided drawing support to the engineering staff, provided design detailing as needed.
* Applied appropriate design rules for clearance and tolerances, DFM design for manufacturability.
* Checked parts for interference and adherence to standards.
* Communicated with dispersed team across different department.
* Coordinated build of prototype piece parts and assemblies.
* Supported procurement efforts in correlation with overall project deadlines.
* Used Pro-E wildfire 3.0, Autocad, Intralink, Windchill, EDMS.

-Veeco Instruments-
Mechanical Designer
Oct 2004 – Sep 2005
* Part of a work team accountable for developing, designing and documenting conforming to Veeco’s PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) SENSOR NEXUS process equipment used for advanced 3D metrology research and nanotechnology.
* Pro-E wildfire 2.0, 3d modeled, designed and detailed the vacuum chamber, lid, shields, frame, lifting crane etc… Pro-E mechanical design support on ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) Program.
* Defined design specifications based on customer requirements and company capabilities.
* Developed and provided best design by monitoring concept and design review meetings, as well as by personal contribution.
* Worked with other engineers and designers, as well as with team members outside the engineering department, according to project requirements.

-Lockheed Martin Corp.-
Mechanical Designer
Sep 2003 – Dec 2003
* Part of THAAD (Theater High Altitude Area Defense) Propulsion and Controls Engineering Design team accountable for the design of EDU, GTU, Flight, ShotL Boost Motor Assemblies and Booster Assemblies.
* Supported preliminary and critical design peer review documentation and presentations using Pro-E wildfire 2.0, Pro-IntraLink, layout and detailed working drawings, created accurate BOM, incorporated ECOs and released to EDMS.

-Space Systems Loral-
Mechanical Designer
Jan 2001 – Dec 2002
* Part of Loral's satellite Main Body Structure Subsystem Design team. Developed and designed, entire product development life cycle from concept through production of (GreP) graphite epoxy panel honeycomb composites used in the satellite mainbody structure.
* Coordinated build of prototype piece parts and assemblies.
* Used Pro-E wildfire 2000, Pro-IntraLink, EDMS.

-Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory-
Mechanical Designer
Feb 1999 – Jan 2001
* Accountable for designs of OAB Fixtures, Noid Assy-End Effectors, LRU Mirror Mount Pallets, Horizontal and Vertical Rotary Flatforms fixtures, Mirror Alignment Detectors for the Optics Assembly Delivery Unit.
* Designed layouts, control panels, wiring, cable routing, electrical assys, complex structural assys for the NIF laser beam experiments.
* Used Pro-Engineer wildfire 2000, Pro-Intralink, Windchill.

-Procter & Gamble-
Design Specialist
Jan 1993 – Dec 1998
* designed numerous low cost high volume consumer plastic products that are breakthrough and innovative.
* recieved the First President's award for breakthrough achievement.
* used Pro-Engineer release 8.


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