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Jerome  Forde

Name: Jerome Forde

Address:77 Sir John Rogerson's Quay, Dublin 2 D02 NP08 Ireland

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HR Duo

HR Duo is a scalable platform for the delivery of HR Services to SMEs. It combines HR software with a dedicated HR team so SMEs can hand over their HR challenges and get them sorted.


-HR Duo-
Managing Director
Sep 2019 – Present
HR Duo is a scalable platform for the delivery of HR Services to SMEs. It combines HR software with a dedicated HR team so SMEs can hand over their HR challenges and get them sorted.

HR Duo will help you set the high standards for your HR that you have for the rest of your business, and ensure your paperwork, records and policies are fully up to date.

HR Duo is your dedicated HR Team at a fraction of the cost of employing a specialist. Our customised software gives you the tools you need to ensure compliance and to save you time and money.

-Forde HR Solutions + FordeCloud-
Managing Director
2012 – Sep 2019
Through FordeCloud provide HR outsourcing to small and medium-sized employers and those in the ‘Not for Profit’ Sector.

The delivery of Positive Employee Relations structures and practices through a range of professional services ranging from managing conflict, training, and change to ethics/ whistleblowing and HR Outsourcing.

Facilitate workplace investigations and the resolution of individual or group employment disputes.

Train line managers and employees on a range of employee relations and management concerns.

Consult on organizational development and change and supporting organization addressing ethical and whistleblowing concerns.

-Dublin Archdiocese-
Director of Human Resources
2006 – 2013
Led the provision of Human Resources through over 200 employers including parishes, administrative districts, agencies for delivery of dedicated professional service, education institutions, central operational and strategic supports functions.

Provided HR and compliance services to other related organisations.

Designed and implemented an HR strategy and overall operational framework to meet requirements of various employments,

Led HR strategy for organisational development, employee effectiveness, employee engagement and relations, processes to support the selection of employees, expansion and contraction of services etc.

Led the design, negotiation and communication of organisational change

Represented various employments to trade unions, other staff representatives and at employment related fora

Leadership and employee development as well as performance management

Head of Group HR Policy and Best Practice
2000 – 2006
Head of Group HR Policy and Best Practice (2 years)
Developed and implemented at group level (24,000 employees) appropriate and effective HR policies and HR best practice
Member of management team that developed and implemented HR Shared Services structure
Managed internal communications’ fora
Designed and implemented reporting/whistleblowing structure
Designed ER learning/development for HR staff through regular ER briefings, training, publications etc.

Employee Relations Manager (4 years)
Led ongoing implementation of business and HR change
Designed and implemented employee relations models and mechanisms to engage with represented and unrepresented staff
Represented organisation at third party employee relations fora
Resolution of individual employee disputes (16,000 employees)

-Labour Relations Commission-
Industrial Relation Officer
1997 – 2000
Facilitated the resolution of employment disputes between employers and employees
Enabled change programmes in major public and private sector employments involving conciliation between parties
Facilitation of implementation groups, evaluating and making recommendations for changes to employee engagement structures and practices
Chaired working groups established to resolve deep-seated difficulties in the employment relationship

-Civil Service (Ireland)-
Higher Executive Officer
1995 – 1997
Designed, consulted and communicated the transposition of European Directives into Irish employment legislation
Consulted and negotiated with other Government Departments, the Social Partners, lobby groups and other interested parties concerning the legislation
Developed and delivered performance management training programmes
Coached managers and employees on issues arising

-The Labour Court-
Court Official
1990 – 1995
Research/ briefing the Court on employment cases before it for recommendation/ determination
Drafting Labour Court documents on industrial relations and employment rights issues before it for consideration

HR Duo

Keys Services offered

HR Duo is a HR Company focused on providing powerful all in one offsite HR Services to SMEs in the public, private and not for profit sectors in Ireland and the UK.

We provide HR Support coupled with our proprietary technology which manages time, leave, HR compliance and staffing information. It is designed to support the delivery of our high quality HR services.

We’re an innovative, client focused company with an energetic approach to meeting and exceeding client requirements. Our representatives are experienced, motivated and commercially minded HR Professionals who provide high quality service to a wide range of clients in diverse sectors.

Our core values are based on “Positive Employee Relations” which, when structured well, offers a direct path to better line performance. It affects the quality of workplace relationships impacting organisational performance and how employees experience and react to their work environment.

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