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Kristine  Campbell

Name: Kristine Campbell

Address: Portland 97214 United States

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Primary Service: SAAS

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I make executives, companies and teams more successful. High-performing empath and well-connected product, technology and business leader.

A boundary-led human motivation detector, I am highly adept in tough corporate cultures and situations, holding others accountable to express their gifts, perform their roles, or if they’re not working out, to move on. I fix, turnaround, transform, grow healthy teams, find synergies, and get things done, increasing revenue and decreasing risks.

I am passionate about helping people by delivering top quality products and well-crafted strategies for growth-focused companies.

Luckily, I was trained by some of the top and Chief Architects at Microsoft in customer experience, business architecture, enterprise architecture, information architecture, CMMI DMM, data governance, data management and business intelligence.

An early adopter, futurist and big thinker, I've created products and processes and dogfooded technologies that were way ahead of their time. I’ve done a lot!

Founder Gym accelerator, WXR Fund accelerator, ex-Microsoft.

My mastery includes turnarounds in difficult political circumstances. I transform teams and companies, using my years of leadership experience with an ability to sustain trusted relationships that allow me and my incredible teams to deliver outcomes that support low-risk, high-reward decisions.

I automate outdated methods where needed, honoring the past, staying practical in the present, and creating the future.

The first end to end software product I led and owned was a greenfield V1, built from scratch with a small, scrappy, super talented team and a global (100+ countries) user base of 60,000. It was designed, developed, and launched in 2009, fully adopted, and still in use 10 years later. Parts of it shipped in another enterprise product (Microsoft Dynamics) years later.

- Business, data, product, IT, engineering and career roles in software, retail/CPG, aerospace, healthcare, academia, oil and gas/energy, finance, politics, and management consulting industries
- People management leadership roles with teams ranging in size of 4 to 35 people (Manager of Managers).
- Fortune 50 team leadership and people management experience.
- Lead business and digital transformation executive stakeholder teams of up to 250 at top companies.
- Built 3 businesses, raised in families of entrepreneurs, business owners, and community leaders. P&L responsibility.
- Planned and managed budgets of up to $121 million.
- Grew up in Texas, graduated from the UW in Seattle, live in Oregon.


CEO, CPO, Co-Founder
Nov 2017 – Present
Hailio is an AI strategy & results management SaaS offering, enabling enterprises to execute on their company strategies across any cloud. We are not seeking venture capital investors at this time.

Hailio is part of the Microsoft Partner Network and AWS Partner Network. In Microsoft for Startups Premiere Program and Google For Startups.

Founded a SaaS startup, gaining immediate customer traction after I built the alpha product. 2 products. Bootstrapped. Lead product strategy, design, development, engineering, marketing, pricing, roadmap, customer engagement, segmentation, and management. Got into a few groups focused on founders. Pivoted a few times. Hired folks to build the company, grew a fully remote team.

Cohort 9 graduate of Founder Gym. WXR Fund Accelerator Cohort 3, sponsored by Verizon 5G Labs.

-Confidential technology company-
Product Operations, Quality Assurance and Technical Program/Product Management Leader
Mar 2019 – Present
A SaaS company asked me to build one thing that lead to several things: Product Operations, Quality Assurance, Technical Product and Program Management, and Privacy and Compliance depth and breadth.

I build and lead teams and work, measured by KPIs and using OKR, and whatever else they need from my extensive leadership and roll up the sleeves experience to right their ship and to propel the company forward in the wake of internal and market changes.

It is a product, technology and business turnaround and transformation to turn it into a destination technology company for top technical and product talent and to expand into new markets, growing revenue according to 1 and 3 year strategic goals. I help them do that since I am that highly-qualified and talented generalist-leader.

- Head Product Operations, building, designing, updating, and owning all ProdOps, directly impacting the P&L of the entire company.
- Head QA, built and lead a team of 10, focused on manual and automated testing for APIs and UI.
- Optimized a big data engineering team of 7 across the world, integrating with 30+ different systems and moving from a legacy stack to AWS using DevOps best practices, interim Engineering Manager on two products.
- Head Technical Product and Program Management, building out the competency at the company.
- Lead and build the global Privacy and Compliance Program and team, addressing regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Jun 2019 – Present

-Patient Orator-
Technology and Business Advisor
May 2019 – Present

Director, Commercial Sales and Marketing Engineering
Jan 2017 – Nov 2017
Led Microsoft’s global Commercial Sales and Marketing Engineering program and product management team, owning the product lifecycle management across all products/product lines in global sales and marketing.
Ran Annual and Quarterly Operating Planning (strategic planning) globally for over 500 employees on a $110 million budget with ~50 applications, increasing delivery velocity by 20% QoQ.
Created and managed all product and program roadmaps for a large tech stack of over 100 releases per quarter. ServiceNow APM lead.
Led General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) program delivery globally.
Successful deliveries recognized with staff increase of 2 FTEs within the first month and more contractors within 3 months.
Led portfolio delivery, services and technical operations management encompassing corporate and field sales; marketing automation; sales and marketing privacy program; global marketing service centers; the first and third party sales and marketing technology stack.
Led the Executive Rhythm of the Business for our Vice President and the cross-division governance boards.

Chose to start my own company after my management chain left shortly after I was hired (Partner GM, VP and CIO), our group was re-organized, Microsoft changed sales and marketing direction, and my team and I were bounced between several managers in 11 months.

Director, Consumer Digital Technology Operations
2015 – 2016
Built the Program Management Office in Digital infrastructure, Manager of Managers leading a technical team of 23, responsible for delivering a global portfolio of programs and projects for Nike's digital and retail properties in the Direct To Consumer division, along with leading the ServiceNow ITSM product management team.
The PMO managed projects for technical infrastructure, data center operations, global digital and retail stores, Change, Release, PM, Global Service Desk, ServiceNow, various special projects.
Chosen to build and delivered metrics, analytics and leadership dashboards for 2 VPs.
Moved to Oregon to help my dad before he passed and for this great role. Left to go back to Microsoft as more family were in need of help in Washington.

Director, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data
Led the business intelligence, enterprise data management, data governance, and corporate data warehousing team of 6 BI and data warehouse engineers, analysts and architects, gaining additional headcount within 4 months due to my high performance and my team’s speedy delivery of 37 corporate reports and 6 business scorecards and dashboards in 6 months.
Reported to the CIO, daily interactions with C-level, proposing and landing a $1 million yearly budget.
Drove increase in operational productivity as well as EBITDA improvement through data-driven analysis.
With all C-level leaders, built the Avalara taxonomy and metadata management of all subject areas.
Merger activities with 6 acquired companies.
Led major software upgrades to Tableau 9 Server and SQL Server 2014; overseeing implementation, Microsoft partnership; change management, training, and adoption. Employee Engagement leader.
I had a 10 month tenure here due to my dad in Oregon requiring my assistance with his health, and Nike offered me an exciting new role in Beaverton.

Office of the CIO, Business and Digital Transformation Principal Leader, BI, consultant
2012 – 2015
Microsoft Business Transformation Principal leader consultant managing 250+ Principal and Partner level stakeholders for various large programs to deliver, affecting roughly 16,000 people. Customer Experience, Data Management & Governance, Business Process Management, Workforce Transformation, Change Management.

Trained by the top Chief Architects in the company, program-managed the CMMI DMM update work.

Microsoft Digital Transformation business intelligence/telemetry Principal leader across the entire company of roughly 125,000 employees
Left for the BI director opportunity at Avalara.

Senior Product Manager
2008 – 2012
The first software product I lead and owned end to end, built from scratch as a greenfield product and shipped in 2009, is still in use today, 10 years later.
Led product strategy, design, development and launch of 5 global HR and Finance applications integrated with SAP-FICO and SAP-HR, including 2 of the top 5 used at Microsoft. Parts of what my team and I designed shipped in Microsoft Dynamics.
One of the many Headtrax PMs over time.
Resolved a 15 year problem with a key business process, leading to large cost efficiencies.
Led the internal product delivery of Dynamics AX 2012 supplier management, partnering with MBS on a 60,000 user product launch plan; delivering Dynamics AX 2012 Expense Audit on time.
Lead product manager of the award-winning MS Audit, delivered on time and under budget to 4 Accenture global delivery centers, driving product launch adoption to 100+ global stakeholders, retiring a legacy tool 3 months ahead of time, saving thousands yearly.
Left because I received a terrific consulting opportunity in the Office of the CIO, the ability to only work 40 hours, and received much more in compensation and incredible career growth.

Business/Program Management consultant (for BearingPoint), Finance Solution Delivery
2007 – 2008
Managed a $78 million budget for the GM and Director, ran fiscal year planning (AOP) for the Microsoft Finance Council, built a PMO across 25 program areas. Converted to a Microsoft FTE.

-University of Washington-
Professional Educator
2004 – 2007
Guest lectured at the UW School of Medicine, received a standing ovation from 200 people and asked to return, in addition to teaching regular courses and digitizing curricula. Turned around a failing course and made it into a waiting list situation in under a year, doubling revenue and gaining a great reputation for the program. Outstanding Educator Award, 2006.

-Management Consulting-
Managing Director
1999 – 2007
Managed 35 people. Doubled revenue YoY.

1997 – 1999

-A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc.-
Margins/Options/Sales Asst
1995 – 1997

-Bank of America Merrill Lynch-
Margins/Options for BA Investment Services
1992 – 1995

-King County Juvenile Detention Center, Special Assault Unit-

-King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office-
Office Staff
1989 – 1991
Worked for the esteemed Norm Maleng in the Criminal Division, putting myself through school.

-Family Oil and Gas company based in Houston, TX-
Learning about oil and gas from the folks, in oil fields and the office
1982 – 1988


Keys Services offered

Hailio provides a transparent, intelligent and fun way to execute on strategies throughout any organization. Hailio is Strategy & Results Management (SRM)
with AI for growth at scale.

Hailio is part of the Microsoft Partner Network and AWS Partner Network.

#transformfaster #strategyexecution

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