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Oliver  Payne

Name: Oliver Payne

Address:Leathermarket, Weston Street, London SE1 3ER United Kingdom

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Primary Service: Communications

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The Hunting Dynasty

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• Founder and director, The Hunting Dynasty ('09-present)– an award-winning behavioural insight & communication agency that improves the way your world behaves.
• Author (
• Advisor, speaker and media commentator
• Adland and digital startup background ('95-'09)
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(UK) 0843 289 2901


-The Hunting Dynasty-
Founder, Director
Jul 2009 – Present
I founded The Hunting Dynasty – a behavioural insight & communication agency – to explore, and construct interventions that use psychological principles (not lay hunches and gut feel) to deliver robust applied psychology to business and community communication to create long-lasting change.

Working from 2009, we have successfully solved a large number of challenges – via in-field experiments and real-world interventions, online testing, and group interviews, and crating and delivering comms – to effect change in every area of communication, from marketing and brands' posters and ads, to covert and overt organisation & employee engagement, to 'cleaning' the understating of insurance and finance, to charity and giving on and offline, and many more from the surliest of young people to those way past retirement, and everyone in-between.

Speaker – how to affect behaviour with psychology (social, cognitive, behavioural econ.)
Oct 2009 – Present
Speaker and workshop host at events, private functions, government departments, communication agencies, and think tanks around the world on how behaviour is affected by communication, and how to effect change. Topics include consumer behaviour, sustainable behaviour.

• NATO's Center Of Excellence, Latvia for IOTA-Global
• Project Waalhalla – Social Science for Startups, Netherlands
• UK Department for Transport, Whitehall
• Marketing Research Society Annual Conference (Nominated ‘Best Contribution to Conference’ category), London
• London School of Economics + Political Science, London
• Green Alliance UK Think Tank (feeding to policymakers at DECC, Defra and DCLG)
• Science Museum, Dana Center, London
• Nudgestock
• Applied Behavioural Science Group, Bristol
and many more

"Great talk by Oliver Payne about persuasion and user behaviour theory."

“I’d like to say thank you for a brilliant talk yesterday. Thanks are due for so many different reasons… You came up with a fantastic intro to BE. You delivered a great show. The client loved it (won’t stop going on about it, in fact). It really energised the ideas we generated afterwards. You made us look good. I could go on.”

“Oliver – thanks for making the ideas so engaging and showing people how much can be achieved in ways they recognise in the everyday”

Oct 2009 – Present
Media commentary on behaviour, communication, commercial applications and sustainability – either face-to-face/phone interview, or briefing packs and ready-quotes, for journalists.

In the UK: The Guardian, The Telegraph, Esquire, BBC Radio 4, and more.

» "It looks exactly what I wanted. No, scratch that, it’s much better, more insightful and thorough than I could have asked for.”
– briefing notes and citations on award ceremonies, and the psychology of giving and receiving.
Leah Hardy, Journalist (Cosmopolitan, and more), Broadcaster, Author

» "Oliver Payne's writing is insightful, informed – but always entertaining. If you want to understand why we do what we do, he's your man."
– briefing notes and citations on psychology of online and app-based dating, and dating in general
Daisy Buchanan, Journalist (Grazia, The Guardian, Look, The Telegraph, The Mirror, Esquire, and more), and Author of ‘Meeting Your Match”

» “You give good quote!”
– interview on the application of behavioural principles in business, the challenges, what we've done, and who's doing it wrong, and right.
Rowland Manthorpe, Journalist, Author

-London Behavioural Economics Network-
Feb 2012 – Present

A monthly informal after-work gathering for communications, marketing, and research specialists working with cognitive-behavioural theories (behavioural economics, decision theory, psychology, neuromarketing, etc) in business or government who're in, or are visiting, London (UK).

Nov 2010 – Present

Author of business behavioural handbook:
'Inspiring Sustainable Behaviour: 19 Ways To Ask For Change' (April 2012, Routledge), available on worldwide release, from Amazon (UK, US, Canada, France, Germany, Japan), and other countries with other suppliers.

» “The most passionate and articulate 
hymn to sustainability since
 ‘An inconvenient Truth’”
Mark Wnek, U.N. Special Envoy for Global Education, ex-Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Lowe, New York, and EuroRSCG, UK, and advertising legend

» “Advocates of environmental issues come on strong... Inspiring Sustainable Behaviour turns this on its head… Payne’s book is like an industrial loom for the synapses; it weaves in strands from contemporary psychology, cutting-edge marketing and cognitive behavioural techniques to show us how… ultimately... this can be used to our planet’s benefit. ”

Elite business Magazine, UK

» “...if you want to join the fight against this insane, mechanistic view of human nature, you will find Oliver’s book an essential and often-used part of your armoury.”
Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman Ogilvy & Mather UK, author of The Wiki Man, Spectator columnist

» "There are several reasons to recommend this book. For one, it is written in a frank, conversational style that most readers will find appealing. In roughly 140 pages, the author covers a great deal of ground and effectively summarizes the technical literature in an easily digestible format. The book also includes a glossary of terms, making it easy for the reader to reference ideas and concepts discussed elsewhere in the book without searching through pages."
Adam Mayer, Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, Volume 4, Issue 2, June 2014

-Creative AI-
Behavioural advisor
Jun 2017 – Jun 2019

Creative Director, Digital (Contract)
May 2009 – Dec 2010
Creative Director at Tribal DDB UK to cover gaps at the end of 2010, on various projects such as; VW, Captain Morgan's, Bud Ice, Virgin Media, Hasbro, Baker's, Tropicana, Flora, Guinness, O2, and others, including:
Tribal DDB, Paris
Plot 4 ,Barcelona
OgilvyOne, London
Cubo Digital, London
Minimart, London
Brand Advocate, London

Associate Creative Partner, Board Member
Apr 2004 – Jan 2009
At OgilvyOne I created and directed campaigns for Cisco, Sunsilk, Cancer Research UK, BP, Ford, Yahoo, IBM, Castrol, and Avis, and more. And pitched. And worked on winning pitches for easyJet, Avis, Chiquita and Castrol.

The Avis work win the account for Ogilvy, and won Gold at the IDM awards. The Cancer Research UK work delivered the best results for any of their campaigns - and Gold at Cannes. Great work for BP brought Cannes finalist certificates, as well as a D&AD book entry - the first ever interactive D&AD for Ogilvy. And the Cisco work - which includes a live broadcast into an online ad space - is a world first. This work also won a Grand Prix, another first for interactive work at Ogilvy.

For some years I led BP digital primarily globally, but also including Corporate, Fuels, Rally, and Forecourt Services brands.

I’ve written and delivered substantial presentations to the Ogilvy Group, and established business relationships across the Ogilvy Group companies.

-Saatchi & Saatchi London-
Interactive Creative Director
Jun 1999 – Apr 2004
For five years as Interactive Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi London I led the interactive creative department on national, European and global briefs for a vast amount of automotive, banking, charity and FMCG clients (the last time I tried to count I stopped at 50).

We developed interactive games and campaigns, including Saatchi & Saatchi’s first interactive TV advert - also a first for P&G’s beauty care. I picked up finalists certificates, and a DMA Gold for an online Saatchi graduate recruitment piece. We always originated the creative thought at Saatchi & Saatchi London. The execution we often outsourced, sometimes globally: It was an invaluable education in commissioning and managing third parties, from small local jobs to millions of Euros of work though international partners (who were a lot more accommodating after the dot com bust). As a consequence I often traveled throughout Europe, and sometimes North America.

Beaufonts typography collective
Sep 1995 – Sep 2001
A (non-founding) member of 1990s typography collective known as Beaufonts

Creative Director, Programmer, Art Director, Designer
Jun 1998 – Jun 1999
I moved to London via New York and worked in an interactive TV Research and Development role dreaming up ideas for future TV applications - some of which are around today over a decade later.
- Codename, London, England
- Imagination, London, England
- Cable and Wireless, London, England
- BDH advertising (compendiumtechnology), Manchester, England

-Amaze Ltd-
Designer, Producer, Creative
Jul 1995 – May 1998
After graduating in 1995 with a degree in Graphic Design I went straight into my first job at a start-up interactive company called Amaze Ltd, and won their first international award, set up Everton Football Club's first ever website as well as initiating and negotiating a content deal with Liverpool newspapers to publish their football club match reports without getting Everton FC sued, and did live radio interviews about this new 'interactive' thing – generally pushed forward digital work in the few short years after TIm Burners-Lee set up IP standards. I enjoyed the design side, but started to take the initiative with presenting work to clients, managing workflow and output standards – anything to make the final output better.

-Liverpool John Moores University-
Guest Lecturer
May 1996
Guiding a small group of Graphic design undergraduates to produce a multimedia entity based on found resources.

-Cadbury's National Exhibition of Art: 42nd exhibition 1989-1990-
Nov 1989 – Jul 1990
Aged 16/17 a chalk still life drawing of mine selected for the prestigious National Exhibition of Children's Art, a national exhibition with our work hanged at: Natural History Museum, London (1 Nov- 1 Dec. 1989), then touring around Peterborough, Bristol, Coventry, Middlesbrough, Bolton and Aberdeen (to 28 Jul 1990).

The exhibition catalogue is in the Tate Library, London.

The Hunting Dynasty

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For nearly a decade we have delivered growth-focussed award-winning behavioural economics and applied psychology consulting for businesses and governments – you’ll find acquisition, conversion, retention, and branding in sectors such as FMCG, start-ups, financial, charity & giving, entertainment, sustainability, staff, spaces & architecture, and special projects for research managers, marketing managers, growth officers, CEOs, HR, PR, and internal departments – worldwide.

Welcome to The Hunting Dynasty.

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