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Guy  Hargreaves

Name: Guy Hargreaves

Address: Canberra Australia

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Primary Service: Consulting Services

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Fit for Life AUS

With over two decades of experience as an HR manager and having been a business consultant, Executive Coach and company Director, I am also a loving husband and father to two exceptional and beautiful young adults. In my time on this earth so far, I have learnt one of the most important lessons that one can learn both professionally and personally, and that is the importance of genuine, authentic and meaningful connection.

I now wake up each and every day with a thriving passion to teach, coach, mentor and guide my team and my clients, and help them understand that when you open up your mind, and you open up your heart, everything and anything in life becomes possible.

I am creating a tribe of healthy, wealthy and happy human beings. Is there anything more fulfilling than that?


-Fit for Life AUS-
Owner and Operator
Dec 2014 – Present
There are two sides to what I do and while they may initially seem to be incongruous, they are in fact two key aspects of the overall health and wellness equation. What I do is I help people become healthier and wealthier. If you are able to get your health and your finances are in order then you are already ahead of 95% of people.

I work with individuals to naturally and effectively manage cortisol levels, lower body fat percentage, increase lean muscle mass, increase energy levels and improve sleep. Too often we neglect our health while serving the needs of others, and we all know that you can't serve from an empty cup. Its time to take control of your own health and fill up your cup until it is overflowing with vibrant health and energy, so that you may be present every day, and serving those around you, as your best possible self.

I mentor and coach individuals towards higher achievement and performance in whatever it is that they are doing, personally and professionally. Mindset, habits and daily actions can either propel you forward or hold you back. My personal belief is that everyone can be free from financial pain if they have the right tools, skills and mindset. I show people how to develop additional income in their spare time using the business model of network marketing to build a financial fortress for themselves and their family.

-Hargreaves International Pty Ltd-
Company Director
Apr 2018 – Present
Established in 1987, the expanded Hargreaves International team has extensive international, Federal and State Government experience, and across a broad range of primary, consumer, industrial and service industries.

The team offers core competencies relating to:
International Trade & Investment
Performance Turnarounds
Understanding of Government
Workplace and Business Coaching
HR and Workforce Management
Governance & Ethical Decision-making
Gender Diversity & Staff Mentoring
Critical Reasoning
Board experience in public, private and not for profit companies
Strategic Alliances

-Australian Maritime Safety Authority-
Assistant Manager Human Resources (EL2)
Jul 2019 – Present

Manager Human Resources (SES Band 1)
Nov 2019 – Mar 2020

Executive Coach
Oct 2018 – Apr 2019
Guy has extensive experience in the public service environment in Canberra which means he understands the pressures and unique challenges that clients in both Government and the private sector may be facing. More broadly, having worked with Senior Executives for many years, Guy recognises that the key to optimal performance and job satisfaction at the most senior levels of management begins with developing a heightened self-awareness. His coaching style is uniquely transformative. Specialist areas of coaching interest include:
People leadership, including leadership derailers
Optimising personal performance
Human resource initiatives and challenges
Personal resilience, well-being and work-life balance
Performance management and dealing with complex interpersonal situations.
Employee feedback and appraisal
Employee engagement

-Australian Sports Commission-
HR Director (EL2)
May 2012 – Sep 2017
EL2 Equivalent

Lead, manage and develop the diverse HR section to deliver operational outcomes, policy frameworks and contemporary HRM strategies and solutions to enhance the Australian Sports Commission workforce capability.

Management of all HR functions for the ASC including workforce planning, occupational health and safety, workplace investigations, payroll services, learning and development, HR advisory services, policy development, employee relations and industrial relations.

-Australian Federal Police-
Senior Team Leader Human Resources (EL2)
Dec 2009 – Apr 2012
Band 8.3 (EL2 equivalent)

Responsible for managing teams delivering operational, strategic and advisory HR services to the organisation.

Areas include Recruitment, Relocations, OH&S, Policy and Governance, Employee Relations, Workforce Planning and HR Advisory.

Senior Team Leader HR - International Deployment Group (EL2)
Nov 2007 – Dec 2009
Band 8.3 (EL2 equivalent)


To provide strategic workforce advice to the IDG executive to help inform decision making and future plans.

To provide strategic leadership to the International Deployment Group Human Resources section to ensure effective and ongoing capability against IDG business priorities.

Direct responsibility for the day to day management and delivery of outcomes through the following 8 teams with 42 employees:
HR Policy
Systems and Reporting / Workforce Planning
A-Base Client Service Team
Missions Client Service Team
Medical Services
OH&S and Rehab

-Dept of FaHCSIA-
Senior HR Advisor - Executive Level 1
Feb 2005 – Nov 2007

To provide an HR advisory role to managers in FaHCSIA. This was a value add role demonstrating the importance of good HR practices to deliver organisational outcomes. The scope of this role covered all aspects of HR in an organisation from strategic long term planning to immediate operational solutions to current issues.


In this role my clients included Group Managers and line managers. I established business relationships with a broad range of managers, providing HR solutions and advice on many issues including:

• Recruitment and retention strategies
• Performance management strategies and processes
• Leave management
• Capability development
• Code of conduct issues and case management
• Management of absenteeism and graduated return to work
• Application of conditions of employment
• Negotiation of Australian Workplace Agreements with staff
• Job design and organisational restructuring
• Workforce planning as an essential part of business planning

-Department of Defence of Australia-
Assistant Director Human Resources
2000 – 2005
Commenced with Defence in 2000 as an APS Level 3 in the Civilian Recruitment team. Progressed in level through a variety of roles to Executive Level 1 working for Defence Workplace Relations team in a role which was primarily a policy and HR advisory position. My specialist area was in APS recruitment.

Recruitment, Redployment and Redundancies, Policy and Workplace Relations

Fit for Life AUS

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