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Helen  Ginman

Name: Helen Ginman

Address: Gloucester United Kingdom

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Unique & Inclusive Wellbeing

How are you investing in the mental health & wellbeing of your employees?

How are you promoting diversity and inclusivity in the organisation?

Many organisations are still finding their feet with these challenging areas in business. I get it. It can be difficult to navigate the complexity and know what you should do and how you should do it?

I help businesses and companies just like yours and the ones you work in create cultures where employees thrive.

My approach is very simple:

- Prevent poor mental health & wellbeing
- Ensure better support for those who need it
- Instill accessibility, variety, diversity and inclusivity

Every business is at a different stage when it comes to their health, wellbeing, diversity, inclusion and culture journey. My services are completely designed for where you are at and what you want to achieve; unique and inclusive programmes, training, workshops, consultancy, built around YOUR business, YOUR industry, YOUR culture, YOU. If you want to see long term effects, off the shelf will NOT be effective.

From Leadership training programmes, to team building, to a full suite of mental health & wellbeing workshops, to understanding the areas in your business that you can leverage - I’ve got you covered.

I combine years of Senior Leadership experience, Counselling & Psychology alongside lived experience of battling depression & anxiety. I've survived two suicide attempts, lived to tell the tale and deliver talks specifically on this.

I get what you need to achieve for your business but at the very heart is an unrelenting passion to create environments where employees thrive.

We know that when we take care of our employees, we can reap benefits. This is not new information for us. Improving the health, wellbeing, energy and creating inclusive cultures improves performance, costs, absenteeism, productivity, engagement, customer satisfaction - don't believe me? Ask me how.

Drop me a message or go to let’s chat.


-Unique & Inclusive Wellbeing-
Training & Consultancy | Mental Health | Wellbeing | Team Building | Leadership Development
Nov 2018 – Present
Focusing on business culture has never been so important. Inclusion, diversity, health & wellbeing has fast become a business imperative.

And every person, process, business activity has the power to positively and negatively affect how employees feel when they come into work. But when we start to peel away at these components and understand their influence, we can begin to build great cultures where employees thrive.

I help organisations recognise the importance of mental health & wellbeing in the workplace. How this can act as a competitive advantage and even a strategic enabler to driving the performance of the business.

I do this by designing and delivering unique and inclusive training, workshops and programmes that sit comfortably within your culture. This includes:

- Leadership Training
- Team building and building relationships
- Communication
- Emotional Intelligence

Alongside this, I also provide myriad of training and workshops that are centred on building greater awareness of mental ill health, building resiliency and the provision of practical tools and techniques to better support our health. Tailored to your culture - to your business - to you.

We consider all training with these three goals which serve as a backdrop to the business:

- Prevent work related causes of poor mental health and wellbeing that may well be prevalent in an organisation
- Proactively minimise risks in the workplace
- Make reasonable adjustments for those who might be struggling with their mental health in the same way we might if it was physical

Mental health fuels our energy, our drive, our passion, our creativity, our strength, our resiliency, our confidence, our self-esteem. It’s a powerful tool and where businesses get it right, can use it as a strategic enabler for performance, productivity, cost control and delivering world class services.

I can help you achieve this.

-U+I Wellbeing-
Musical Therapy
Sep 2018 – Present
Working with adults who have learning difficulties, physical and mental disabilities, as well as dementia in a group setting using music therapy.

Helping to develop confidence, self-esteem and promote positive mental health & wellbeing.

Available for care homes, residential homes and day centres.

Fixed cost at £40 per hour.

-Lilian Faithfull Care-
Wellbeing Support - Dementia & Elderly
Dec 2018 – Present

Gloucestershire Wellbeing Networking
Feb 2020 – Present
I host a networking breakfast for business leaders and senior management from around the county - connecting and developing relationships.

Whilst providing an alternative to the cooked breakfast!

Get in contact if you are interested in coming along.

-NGA Human Resources-
Director of Operations
Apr 2016 – Jul 2018
Leading a national team transforming employee engagement and driving cultural changes to deliver a world class service and support.

HR and Payroll is complex and challenging. It’s a critical function of any business, encompassing the management and development of employees in an organisation. It is focused on a number of major areas;

- Recruiting and staffing
- Compensation and benefits
- Training and learning
- Employee relations
- Organisation development

HR are the go to people for any matters arising with their employees - from an enquiry about their pay, right through to a complaint about being discriminated against. HR’s net is wide and far reaching and seeks to ensure everyone is supported in a way that means their performance is optimised and they are looked after as an asset to the business.

Ensuring you have a platform, tools and software that enables you to manage all of the different elements of HR is critical - having it all in one place, optimised to suit your environment, designed around your processes, and pushing the limits of what good HR looks like can be the magic solution.

-West Unified Communications Services-
Senior Director Of Operations
Jun 2013 – Mar 2016
Leadership of International Operations including;

- Service Delivery
- Customer Relationship Management
- Service Management
- Value add sales
- Customer Services
- Quality Management
- ITIL and Lean Six Sigma

Communication is the most important part of any business. How successful a business is, is often dependent on how well it communicates - whether that’s internally building employee relations, communicating goals and objectives or marketing the business so people want to buy from you, they want to invest, they want to do business with you.

We enable businesses to communicate any message, at any time, with anyone in the world. We enable you to present, via audio, via web, via video - you name it, to hundreds of thousands of people, maximising your reach, ensuring your communication message gets to heart of those you want to affect.

Director Of Operations
Jun 2010 – May 2013

Senior Manager
Sep 2011 – May 2013

Training Manager
Jul 2010 – Aug 2011

Quality Manager
Oct 2007 – Jun 2010

-Sports Direct-
Team Lead
Jul 2006 – Sep 2007

Unique & Inclusive Wellbeing

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