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Kacie  Sizemore

Name: Kacie Sizemore

Address: Denver 80205 United States

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Primary Service: Employee Experience

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Joyus Consulting

We all know by now that organizational success is directly linked to people and their experiences working for you. The trend is to look at and dissect engagement scores, but this approach often fails at moving the needle. Why? Because we know employees are not engaged and historically that has been hard to change because the data hasn't shown WHY they are not engaged or what steps to take on personal, team, leadership and organizational levels to meet their needs.

I approach things differently by utilizing a proven, data-driven and human-centric agile approach that focuses on people at every level of an organization. I determine the experiential and organizational accelerants and inhibitors that most influence workforce behaviors- broadly and across multiple demographics. Leveraging this data, and design thinking, I create multi-year, targeted, dynamic action plans that drive enterprise value through all facets of culture and employee experience; fueling growth and optimizing the employer brand.

The result? Attracting top talent and drastically reducing unwanted turnover, and increasing sales and profitability, all while giving you the tools you need to drive shareholder value.

How did I get here?

I have worked for a couple of different companies and consulted with many. I know what works and what doesn't. I believe more satisfied employees not only lead to enhanced revenue, customer satisfaction, and boosted employee morale, it also leads to more prosperous communities.

My expertise centers on organizational strategy, culture, leadership and employee experience, as well as the full suite of Total Rewards and Workplace Perks, Employee Engagement, and Career Management. As a champion for innovative people and business strategies, my passion is to help companies prosper and become organizations of the future.


-Joyus Consulting-
Founder & Chief Culture Officer
Jan 2019 – Present

At Joyus we believe in happy, engaged workplaces.

Through our holistic approach that leverages advanced people analytics, leadership insights collection, team dynamics, futures planning and design thinking, we zero in on what matters most to your organization and your employees - ultimately determining what drives and deters employee behavior at your unique company. Leveraging granular data and human-centric insights allows us to develop multi-year strategy and action plans to position your organization and your workforce for success.

-USI Consulting Group-
Executive Vice President- Global Employee Experience & Total Rewards (Formerly Wells Fargo)
Dec 2017 – Jan 2019
As Executive Vice President of Global Employee Experience & Total Rewards Strategy, I served as the intellectual capital leader and practice lead for the newly formed Global Employee Experience and Total Rewards Practice. I worked with employers to enhance their Employee Experience through data analytics and change management initiatives that zeroed in on Culture, Employee Engagement, Leadership, Total Rewards, and Technology Solutions

-Wells Fargo-
Vice President Global HR Strategy (Division Sold to USI)
May 2017 – Dec 2017
As Vice President of Global HR Strategy, I worked with employers on their general HR strategies with a specific focus on leveraging data to integrate Culture, Employee Engagement, Performance Management, EX, D&I, and Total Rewards to promote growth and profitability.

-Ultima Global-
Managing Director
Oct 2015 – Dec 2017
Ultima Global is a boutique consultancy with a focus on global HR strategies, specifically working to transform companies into Employers of Choice in their respective industries and geographies.

As Managing Director, I actively led a team of subject matter experts in working with multinational organizations to identifying underlying people performance drivers and inhibitors, and revitalizing employee programs with an emphasis on Culture, Team Dynamics and Leadership programs to reinforce behaviors that enable superior business outcomes.

-Lockton Companies-
Sep 2014 – Sep 2015
Lockton is a global provider of human capital consulting, employee benefits, risk management and retirement solutions.

Designed and oversaw the deployment of domestic and global benefits, retirement and compensation plans and policies, as well as other employee perks that addressed the most relevant pain points for C-Suite executives around their human capital operations. Applied these strategies to implement complex plan designs and money saving technologies by providing a holistic view of their global operations, compliance standards and risk mitigation processes- protecting their people, property and reputation by helping alleviate legal and hazard risks.

Vice President
May 2012 – 2014
Aon Corporation is the leading global provider of risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, and human resources solutions.

As Vice President, I worked closely with large market and mid-market organizations, both domestic and international, to help them with their human capital needs.

-Fiduciary Compliance Center, LLC-
May 2007 – May 2012
Firm specializing in Title I ERISA Fiduciary Consulting, Service Provider Audits, Benchmarking and Litigation Consulting.

As Director, I performed extensive investigations, with prominent ERISA attorneys, into the complex retirement and health plan industry- producing studies for congressional policymaking, regulatory projects and class action litigation.

In addition, I used my solid regulatory knowledge to advise large/midsize plan sponsors on appropriate investment strategies for their retirement plans (DB&DC), as well as provided placement and compliance strategies around the ACA, in order to optimize performance and reduce plan risk.

Joyus Consulting

Keys Services offered

At Joyus we believe in happy, engaged workplaces.
And that is what we create every single day for our clients.

Though advanced people analytics and a series of leadership interviews, we focus on finding out what matters most to your organization and your employees. Then we determine what drives and deters employee behavior, from both experiential and operational lenses. Once we have a holistic view of your company, we develop multi-year strategy and action plans to position your organization and your workforce for success.

Unlike most consulting firms, we don't hand you a slide deck and walk away. We remain engaged for the duration of the strategy to ensure a successful implementation.

We build great cultures. We help you reduce turnover. We enable you to become the Employer of Choice.

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