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Nick  Gianoulis

Name: Nick Gianoulis

Address:1313 N Market St, Wilmington 19801 United States

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Fun dept.

congratulations, you are a company that recognizes the value of great culture and where people love to work.

the challenge now is sustaining that culture and living your values on a consistent basis. the future of your organization is now in the hands of your great reputation as an employer - what are your plans to stay that way?

if the pressure is on to keep being awesome, i'd love to share a few engaging activities that will bring out the fun in your staff...

» trash talk hoops - grab a relatively clean trash can, unwanted documents (including the bills you don't want to pay) and a few disengaged co-workers. create two teams with three crumpled up sheets of paper each and have at it. the winning team gets a car (matchbox works every time.)

*micro-activities like this one can increase:

➊ sales by 37%
➋ retention by 44%
➌ creativity by 300%
➍ productivity by 31%
➎ increase attendance by 66%

consistency is key, according to Gallup, employees need to be engaged at least once every four weeks.

what does engagement look like for your organization?

✓ think brief- 15-30 minute activities monthly
✓ all-inclusive- 100% participation
✓ human resource approved
✓ non-threatening
✓ budget-friendly

if your staff is not engaging as a team, let's chat. whether or not we decide to work together, i will share some fun ideas that will align with your culture. To make scheduling easier, here is a link to my calendar: please pick a time that works best for you. | 302.731.8800



-fun dept.-
founder and partner
Jan 2005 – Present
The Fun Dept. is a Training and Development and Consulting Firm specializing in employee engagement and enhancing corporate culture. Why? Because fun at work makes serious business sense. Just look at all the benefits:

✔ Defeats burnout and boredom
✔ Enhances creativity and productivity
✔ Creates energy, enthusiasm, and excitement
✔ Improves employee retention and helps prevent costly turnover
✔ Attracts and retains the best staff
✔ Boosts your profitability

If you’re already holding team meetings, sales trainings, and corporate events, why not turn the humdrum into engaging, productive, and memorable fun? Invite us over, whether it’s for a quick five minutes or a few hours.

Or, maybe you want to create your own Fun Dept. We’ll help you! Our consulting workshops teach you how to develop your own brand of fun, seamlessly integrating our programs into your corporate culture. Workshops are certified for continuing education with SHRM, CUPA HR, IAAP, ATD, and others.

At this point, you’re probably wondering, “What the fun?” For the 4-1-1, please call me at (302) 463-3819, or visit us at We look forward to delivering smiles.

-United Electric Supply-
District Sales Manager and Branch Manager
1988 – 2005
United Electric is a nationally recognized electrical distributor. During my tenure, I managed a sales force for an $80M enterprise, consistently exceeded sales targets, received multiple promotions, mentored some of the top reps in the country, and led sales teams to surpass revenue, profit, and customer service goals.

The company tantalized my entrepreneurial spirit by always giving me interesting, new challenges. Sometimes I was building something out of nothing – my favorite type of project!

But what I appreciated most was United Electric’s “work hard, play hard” culture. They regularly injected fun in the workplace… keeping morale, productivity, and employee retention at ridiculously high levels. In fact, it was their incredible example that inspired me to start my own company, The Fun Dept.

Fun dept.

Keys Services offered

Our mission is simple – innovate solutions for a happier, healthier, more connected workplace

Our model has proven our value propositions; positively affecting employee engagement scores resulting in enhanced productivity and bottom line profit; saving valuable time and money on planning and production costs; building and solidifying teams; supporting recruitment strategies to attract the best talent; retaining your personnel.

We work directly with CEOs, leaders, managers, HR professionals and administrators to develop Plans for Fun (the right mix of our products below), tied directly to specific business-outcomes and goals.

We provide a plan utilizing our team building, training, and tools. It is all up to you!

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