Thu, Sep 16 2021

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Dane Cobain

Name: Dane Cobain

Address: United States


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Primary Service: Writer

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Dane Cobain

Hi, I’m Dane. Nice to meet you!

I’m a published author and freelance writer with over six years of professional experience. Before becoming a freelance writer, I spent eighteen months as a social media executive at a PR agency and just over four years as a social media specialist at a creative agency. I also enjoyed a 12-month stint as a music journalist for a website called VirtualFestivals.

Dane Cobain

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Freelance writing.

General Business Information

Services Offered: Global

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Review: Dane produces consistently high-quality content with his own unique engaging tone. Dane is easy to work with and can work autonomously. I have received personal thank you's from authors on reviews Dane has produced