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Susan Susan

Name: Susan Susan

Address:1101 Sibley Memorial Highway, Lilydale 55118 United States


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Primary Service: SAAS - Technology

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Have spent the last 12 years working at the intersection of real estate, facilities and technology. I have worked for a Big 4 Consulting practice, a systems integrator, and two technology companies. I now lead global partner development for the Manhattan and Centerstone products within Trimble Co. I have been fortunate enough to work with corporate real estate leaders in the largest and most innovative companies in the world, helping them determine the right technology solution which would allow them to maximize their portfolio, improve employee engagement all while minimizing risk and leveraging opportunity.


Committed to helping corporate real estate clients and partners reduce costs and increase efficiencies through disruptive technologies developed for the Corporate Real Estate and Facilities market. A senior-level executive with expertise in marketing, strategic planning, business communication, sales and account development; I consistently deliver by building and sustaining relationships across all organizational levels. I am inspired by my clients and partners who allow me to work with them to make the necessary changes in their organization to propel them into their future. My experience has been highly focused in professional services and enterprise-level account and partner development in corporate real estate organizations within Fortune 100 and 500 size organizations. I believe my success is due to my client-focused relationships, consensus building leadership, and innovative approach to developing solutions that work.

My work experience:
Trimble, Global Partner Development
Serraview, VP Business Development
Deloitte Consulting - Sr. Mgr. Sales Executive
EBUSINESS STRATEGIES - VP Business Development


Keys Services offered

IWMS and point solutions designed to allow customers to optimize their portfolios. Solutions include Manhattan a robust IWMS system built with a strong financial and operational backbone - compliant with the new lease accounting standards, Centerstone, a robust space solution, MSS - a space scheduling solution, Basis, a solution measuring employee utilization, and Engage, an employee wayfinding tool

General Business Information

Services Offered: Global
Insured: Yes
Union: No

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