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Stephanie  Guerard

Name: Stephanie Guerard

Address:10 East 53rd Street, 6th Floor, New York 10022 United States

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Blue Prism

Passionate about building relationships and helping businesses operate more efficiently through technology, I come from an HR automation background and now work with Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM), which originally coined the term for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and works with brands across financial services, energy, telecommunications, retail, BPO and healthcare. Blue Prism's digital workers, which can operate in any department, schedule, priority set, website or application, can be relied on to facilitate intelligent automation (such as learning and continuous improvement) so that your business can innovate faster, source business in a non-linear fashion, surpass competition & achieve its vision, and allow employees to focus on the work they’re most passionate about — and succeed. These digital workers can be hosted in a SaaS model for ease of deployment, as well as in an on-prem, hybrid and private cloud fashion.

Blue Prism defined this digital workforce concept back in 2001 (originally as "Robotic Process Automation" and is transitioning to encompass "Intelligent Automation," with advanced skills like AI, ML, OCR, NLP, etc). For 19 years, Blue Prism's focused on providing enterprise-grade digital workers that execute in a manner that's scalable, reliable, compliant & secure; the results that our clients have seen have reflected in our own business, making Blue Prism the first & only public RPA company in the world. Blue Prism works with 50% of the Fortune 500 and our clients include Walgreens, eBay, Fidelity, Shop Direct, Heineken & Jaguar Land Rover.

I'm proud to work with a public organization linked with partners such as Microsoft & EY and named to Gartner’s first “Magic Quadrant” leader (2019), Fast Company’s inaugural “Best Places to Work for Innovators” (2019), AI Breakthrough’s “Best RPA Company” (2018, 2019) and Ovum’s “Decision Matrix on RPA” (2018), amidst a major emerging industry, as discussed in The Economist, The New York Times & Forbes. If you would like to learn more about intelligent automation, Blue Prism and how 40% of enterprise businesses will use RPA (as the fastest growing software) by 2020, please call me at (929) 529-8460 or email me at

Please note that the perspectives I share on LinkedIn are my own, and not those of Blue Prism.


-Blue Prism-
Account Executive
Aug 2019 – Present
In my current role, I partner with companies during both their evaluation & client journey to understand their unique organizational & industry challenges and initiatives. From there, we work together, alongside consulting firm partners/in-house Professional Services, to align those evolving needs to Blue Prism's digital workers, which can operate in any department, schedule, priority set, website or application. Ultimately, the digital workforce changes how our clients' businesses are sourced, how they interact with their customers, how they engage their employees and how/when work gets done! These digital workers can be hosted in a SaaS model for ease of deployment, as well as in an on-prem, hybrid and private cloud fashion. Following the initial evaluation, I continue to support clients in onboarding and program scaling.

- Delivered on 132% of my first ramped quota (Q1 FYE 2020) & exceeded forecasted TCV (from start of quarter) by nearly 10%
- Contributing member of 3 winning teams in simulation sales exercises (with one including teams across the globe and from different market segments)
- Selected to host online Intro to RPA/IA course to regional professional organization

Account Executive & Licensed Insurance Broker (NY & NJ)
Nov 2018 – Aug 2019
In this role, I worked with HR leaders and C-Suite members to evaluate & match the right package of HR, Performance, Payroll, Time & Benefits technology to their organization's needs. In many instances, I was competing with market leaders and public providers of similar suites.

- Left as the #1 AE in YTD ARR within my tenure group, in the top 25% of all 2019 AEs that worked in my market segment and #3 among 2019 AEs who exclusively focused on my market segment
- #2 AE in self-sourced opportunities (represented 53% of pipeline)

Team Lead, Sales Development
Apr 2018 – Nov 2018
As a Team Lead, I served in both an individually contributing SDR and day-to-day managing capacity for a team that scaled from 2-10 members from 2017-November 2018.

- Managed & nurtured individual MQL pipeline to uncover HR challenges & build excitement about Namely
- Averaged 131% of SAL quota each month in role and met 2018 annual quota in September 2018
- Fully onboarded 1 iSDR, transitioned 4oSDRs to iSDRs (within 1.5 months) and currently training 2 iSDRson inbound responsibilities; Supervising 9 direct reports on a day-to-day basis
- Selected to represent brand and demo HR/Talent offering at HR Tech conference
- All-time SDR stats: SAL leader in 15 of 17 post-ramp months; Scheduled 800+ Discovery Calls (#2) driving 555 SALs (#2) & created 120+ SQLs from non-demo request MQLs (10 wins totaling $279Kto date, $715K+ active pipeline)

Sales Development Representative II
Nov 2017 – Mar 2018
In my five months as an SDR II, I built on the activities from my previous role while training a new team member ahead/during of our busiest season in best practice. In the following months, 4 additional SDRs joined the team and I was expected to display best practices and train others on inbound-specific tasks as the territory team was expanding to its largest size yet.

- Independently built 9 sequences (unassociated with demo requests) with view rates up to 85% and reply rates up to 74% (ex. Watched a Demo, Content Leads with Personalized Touches) now considered “best practice” for SDRs
- Averaged 110% of monthly SAL quota (reaching up to 133% of quota in a given month)
- Onboarded 3 additional iSDRs while performing at full SAL quota

Sales Development Representative
May 2017 – Oct 2017
In my first sales-related role, I communicated with prospective clients to identify fit potential and next steps.

- Qualified and created 263 SQLs (generating 171 SALs) for AEs across markets and U.S. regions
- Averaged 31 SALs a month (quota of 30)and reached career-high of 143% SAL attainment
- Doubled my ramping month’s SAL quota and was the first iSDR to make our raised monthly quota
- Prospected, outbounded and qualified an opportunity within my first 2 weeks of training
- Redesigned inbound demo request follow-up sequences to increase engagement, now used as “best practice”

-Creative Artists Agency-
Entertainment Marketing Assistant
Aug 2015 – Apr 2017
At CAA, I worked on teams that focused on brands within luxury retail, quick-serve restaurant, beverage (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and automotive industries. I regularly provided topical research and industry reports, distributed press and social media recaps and created one sheets/decks for both internals and externals. Additionally, I worked with teams on marketing campaigns and product placement for major televised events, coordinated three client conferences (including that of a Fortune 500 company) at our facility and assisted in overseeing a celebrity loyalty program for a national restaurant chain. On a daily basis, I also supported two executives through travel booking, expense reporting, scheduling and answering phones on their behalf.

-NBCUniversal Media, LLC Internship-
On-Air Marketing Intern
Jun 2014 – Aug 2014
During my full-time summer internship, I designed a first draft of the on-air marketing rollout plan and campaign presentation for a new network comedy. I also designed a college student engagement plan for the network's philanthropic initiative. While working with a group on a sponsored Modern Family TGIMF stunt, I was responsible for the Twitter ticker script and high-resolution layered files.

On a more regular basis, I formatted GripItWin reports on GRPs, impressions, airings, and dollar values for promos, which were later provided to sponsors as well as other internal teams. Additionally, I assisted in electronic deliveries of network barters and promos by communicating with Production teams and media exchange managers. I also assigned house numbers and provided promo quality assurance on a daily basis using Jobsuite, Sintec, and Promo Distribution Index. Another task that I was responsible for was assigning the channel's next-day end credit squeezes to ensure smooth transitions between televised films and other programs.

-College of William and Mary-
Phonathon Student Caller
Sep 2012 – May 2014
In my first experience working with fundraising, I individually raised nearly $14,000. I provided customer service to alumnae and campus community in helping them ensure that their contributions were made correctly and that their financial information was safely protected. As I operated credit card-processing software and documented pledged gift amounts, I also promoted campus events, including Homecoming and Charter Day, to my prospects.

Blue Prism

Keys Services offered

Blue Prism’s vision is to provide a Digital Workforce for Every Enterprise. The company’s purpose is to unleash the collaborative potential of humans, operating in harmony with a Digital Workforce, so every enterprise can exceed their business goals and drive meaningful growth, with unmatched speed and agility.

Fortune 500 and public-sector organizations, among customers across 70 commercial sectors, trust Blue Prism’s enterprise-grade connected-RPA platform, which has users in more than 170 countries. By strategically applying intelligent automation, these organizations are creating new opportunities and services, while unlocking massive efficiencies that return millions of hours of work back into their business.

Available on-premises, in the cloud, hybrid, or as an integrated SaaS solution, Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce automates ever more complex, end-to-end processes that drive a true digital transformation, collaboratively, at scale and across the entire enterprise.

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