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Dick  Flynn

Name: Dick Flynn

Address:77 Newport Rd, Rochester 14622 United States

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Primary Service: Sales

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MyMinderz, Inc.


-MyMinderz, Inc.-
Director of Making Money
Sep 2019 – Present
Helping companies become more profitable.

Director of Sales, WorkAlertz
Oct 2015 – Present
Sales Director focused on offering a simple solution to making your company more profitable. Text your employees! Works great for Restaurants, Retail, Convenience Stores, Hotels, Manufacturing, and more.

WorkAlertz is a web-based Workplace Notification Platform
- Instantly contact your staff by role, department, location, skill set, and more
- Increase sales
- Improve employee engagement and retention

Call me. Or better yet, text me about a free demo.

WorkAlertz Testimonials:
"I saved money the first week I used WorkAlertz!" - Bob DeGolier, Tim Horton's, Rochester, NY

MyMinderz, Inc.

Keys Services offered

MyMinderz is the leader in event notification. Using the best available technologies, we create and offer notification tools for every type of event for multiple industries. All of our notification tools run on our proprietary privacy platform preventing unwanted messages and involuntary disclosure of our users’ contact information.

Founded in 2006, and headquartered in Rochester, NY.

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