Sun, Nov 29 2020

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Brian  Gallagher

Name: Brian Gallagher

Address:1520 South York St, Gastonia 28053 United States

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Primary Service: Data Analytics

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I wear many hats: Data Analyast, HR strategist, Author, Decent Husband, CPA, VP of Finance, Professor, Survivor Fan, but they are worn to hide my bed head....


Vice President
May 2014 – Present
I am the VP at Milestones, primarily concerned with setting strategy and creating employee engagement solutions for our clients.

-Belmont Abbey College-
Professor of Data Science
Sep 2018 – Present
Adjunct Professor of the Business Dept.

Audit Associate
Dec 2012 – Oct 2014
Worked as an audit associate for Deloitte. Was able to audit multiple fortune 50 clients and verify financial statement accuracy. Worked three busy seasons in my time there.

-Good Will Publishers-
Data Analyst
Jan 2006 – Aug 2014
Periodically from 2006 to Present.
o Duties include: performing statistical analysis on compensation, percent growth of sales volume for each salesman, cost of processing and other cost analysis.

-Virginia Tech-
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Aug 2010 – May 2011

-St. Benedict Press & TAN Books-
Cost Analyst
Dec 2009 – Feb 2010
o Duties include: budgeting yearly printing costs and providing a quarterly payment plan for the
publishing company's future projects.

-Congressman Patrick McHenry-
Political Internship for Congressman Patrick McHenry
May 2009 – Aug 2009
o Duties included: constituent services and a variety of projects, including speech writing, political
research and assisting the congressman in meetings and interviews.


Keys Services offered

Milestones helps companies effectively engage with their employees during important life events. We provide HR departments with keepsake gifts for their employees for every major life event. Whether it be the birth of a child, a birthday, work anniversary, wedding, bereavement, retirement, among other life events, we aim to put the humanity back in human resources and help companies show their employees that they are not just a number, but an appreciated individual at their company. From when you hire until they retire, our keepsakes connect employers to their employees when it matters most.

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