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Lisa  Whited

Name: Lisa Whited

Address: United States

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Primary Service: Workplace Strategy

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Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA)

I believe in the art of possibility: the way things have always been done should not block us from creating how we want things to be. I like to shake up the status quo and often see things from a different perspective.

In addition to being the Founder and Chief Transformation Officer of WTF (Workplace Transformation Facilitation), I am a Senior Associate with Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) and currently serving in the role of Workplace Experience + Strategy for Omnicom.

My experience and education in interior architecture, management and leadership, coupled with my interest in inclusivity and community building, allows me to make a dent in the shocking statistic that only 13% of employees worldwide are happy at work.

I’ve developed a consortium of collaborators who are experts in their fields: workplace experience, change management, organizational ecology, evidence-based-design research, leadership coaching, brand and environmental design, social media strategy, mindfulness, strategic planning, interior architecture and project management. This provides us a 360-degree perspective that allows WTF to tackle transformation head-on.

My work is the overlap of three realms in the workplace: vision, people and place. I focus on clarifying organizational vision with leaders, ensuring all voices are heard in a change process, and use the change process as a way to build community at work, which often results in a physical facility change. I have presented at conferences, served as a keynote presenter, and facilitate highly-interactive workshops that inspire people to make real change.

Specialties: Workplace experience, workplace strategy, workplace planning, non-profit management, facilitation, design, interior architecture, change management, strategic planning, training and development, leadership development, mediation, group dynamics, creative thinking and innovation, public speaking, writing.


-Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA)-
Senior Associate
Dec 2017 – Present
Employee engagement, change management and workplace strategy - creating workplaces where people can't wait to get to work every morning so they can make a difference in the world.

Workplace Experience + Strategy
Oct 2018 – Present

-Workplace Transformation Facilitation-
Chief Transformation Officer (CTO)
Jan 2015 – Present
WTF helps future-focused business leaders clarify their strategic vision, create work environments that support that vision, and empower employees to do their best work.

-Whited Planning + Design-
Apr 1986 – Dec 2014
Since 1983 I have been providing space planning and interior design services to commercial clients. As a certified interior designer, I focused on the connection between facility design and organizational success. Understanding an organization’s strategic plan, goals and culture helps create a strong facility design that will allow an organization to achieve its goals. This belief drove me to earn an M.S. in Organization and Management from Antioch New England Graduate School, augmenting my interior design and architecture education and allowing me to provide further services to my clients.

Nationally recognized for my efforts to attain legislation for interior designers, I worked on behalf of the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ), American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA, formerly FIDER), International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and the Maine Interior Design Association (MIDA).

I have been an advocate for collaboration among the architectural, engineering and interior design professions, I believe that a team that includes the client, contractor, designers and other professionals from the beginning of a project creates the strongest result. I am a public speaker and accomplished writer, and also serve as adjunct faculty to several New England schools.

-U.S. Green Building Council-
Organizational Development Consultant
Oct 2008 – Apr 2014
Serving as a consultant to the USGBC. Work with volunteers in 79 non-profit chapters across the U.S. by desiging and delivering training/coaching on organizational development, leadership, group dynamics, strategic planning and building volunteer capacity.

-Boston Architectural College-
Department Head, Interior Design
Sep 2001 – Jun 2004
Interim Program Director (9/01-10/02) and Program Director (11/02-6/04), Interior Design College. Oversaw accredited master and bachelor of interior design programs. Prepared school for FIDER (Foundation for Interior Design Education Research) accreditation review, including writing Program Evaluation Report. Oversaw curriculum development, faculty and administration. Mentored, advised and taught master and bachelor students. Courses taught include Career Strategies, ID Issues, Professional Practice Management, Advanced Studios, and Color Theory. Served as Thesis Advisor and Thesis Faculty.

-NCIDQ Examination-
2000 – 2001
Served on the board of a non-profit organization whose budget doubled within four years (1996-2000). Responsible for spearheading and developing a national strategy for NCIDQ and the interior design profession with regard to licensing and communicating with state regulatory bodies. Developed and promoted national collaborative relationships between architectural and interior design professions, oversaw strategic direction of council, including development of two new major programs.

Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA)

Keys Services offered

Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) - Changing the World of Work

Founded in 1992, AWA is a multi-disciplined and independent management consultancy that helps organisations make a step change in the performance of their people and workplaces.

AWA has delivered technologically and behaviourally complex projects to transform work, the workplace and workplace management for large and politically involved organisations. As leaders in workplace productivity and cognitive fitness research, the qualified team of associates delivers scientifically based and supported advisory services to companies in all sectors and industries. This includes major banks & financial institutions, multinational corporations, government offices and more.

The AWA team is at the forefront of workplace innovation and industry best practice. We use agile working as the tool for change and empowerment for all our clients world wide. Collectively the team has implemented successful change management strategies across the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.

In addition to consulting services, AWA offer training for business leaders, commercial real estate professionals and operation managers. The Advanced Workplace Institute is a resource that provides boot camps, coaching and events for those wanting to make the change towards a more agile and productive workplace environment.

To find out more about AWA, get in contact by emailing:

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