Wed, Apr 21 2021

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Elena Elena

Name: Elena Elena

Address:Bukovski Most 33a, Bitola Macedonia

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Primary Service: CoWorking

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Elena Jumrukovska

Creative content writer with experience of more than 3 years


For 2 years I was working as Marketing Executive for an English IT company. During this span of time, I was responsible for writing and publishing original articles for several different projects, making sure that content is optimized according to SEO best practices. Also, I was also responsible for building and executing social media strategy through competitive research and audience identification. I enjoy conducting the necessary research to make my articles relevant and engaging. My main projects were:

- Writing for a Knowledge Management platform, explaining the meaning and benefits of incorporating knowledge management platform in the company;
- Writing for a Co-working platform as a new way of working for the freelancers and digital nomads in the UK and USA.

For the past year, I'm a freelance writer, my main projects are:
- Writing for work from home employees;
- Open sourced workplace;
- Dating sites reviews.

Elena Jumrukovska


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Services Offered: Global

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