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Julian  Ybanez

Name: Julian Ybanez

Address: Long Island City United States

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Primary Service: Sales

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Eco Shield Pest Control

Leading the New York sales team to a Shield Championship summer 2020. Adding a few to the team, DM if you have what it takes to run with a championship caliber sales team.


-Eco Shield Pest Control-
Sep 2019 – Present
Partner of the Long Island, New York branch.

- Train and lead individuals from all walks of life through a 4 month sales program and an 8 month personal development program focused on health, wealth and growth.

Sales Manager
Sep 2018 – Aug 2019
- #1 sales team led by a first year manager.
- Led a team that generated $1.5MM+ in new sales revenue.
- Personally generated $190k in new sales revenue.
- Led a 2019 Top 10 Rookie.
- Recruited, trained and managed 20 sales reps from competitive companies and industries.
- Created a tight-knit culture of inclusivity and transparency.
- Completed the 8760 Managers Developmental Program.

Sales Representative
Mar 2018 – Aug 2018
- Gained 285 new customers and generated $225k in personal sales revenue through direct selling.
- 2018 Top 10 Rookie Representative (300+ rookie reps company-wide)
- Promoted to Sales Manager and invited to the Manager Development Program.

Sales District Leader
Feb 2016 – Mar 2018
- Responsible for 170+ customer accounts consisting of C-Store, Supermarket, Small Grocery, Drug, Dollar & Independent Business channels and achieved growth of 105.4% to prior year with total revenue sales of $4.5MM in YE 2016.
- Managed, motivated and developed a team of 13 full-time DSD frontline employees through servant leadership and coaching to develop their selling and customer service skills in addition to increasing daily productivity.
- Worked proactively with customers to understand business needs and develop strong relationships.
- Maintained process improvement to further enhance productivity of PepsiCo's selling and delivery model.
- Collaborated with cross-functional team members to ensure orders are submitted, delivered and merchandised according to plan.
- Activated local and national marketplace initiatives and promotions to build brand development and maximize brand performance.
- Selected to be a SDL Quest Coach to train and guide incoming Sales Associates.
- Set productivity and service targets and ensure proper resource allocation between accounts.
- Created and instilled a culture of ‘safety first’ in the team which resulted in 0 work related accidents in YE 2016.
- Key Account Manager for the Alta Convenience chain consisting of 54 accounts across Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas & Nebraska.

Sales Associate
Jun 2015 – Feb 2016
The Sales Associate role is a leadership training program that is customized to assimilate and assure skill transfer in preparation for the Sales District Leader position. The training for this position involves route level work to learn the foundation of the business and develop an understanding of the DSD network and supply chain followed by leadership training with a certified Sales District Leader and the responsibility of running a mini-district.

Route Training (Phoenix, AZ):
- Ran a small format route for 3 months consisting of a mix of drug, dollar, independent and c-stores.

Mini-District (Colorado Springs, CO):
- Managed a total of 112 accounts which consisted of a mix of grocery, drug, dollar and c-stores.
- Successfully grew the accounts at a growth rate of 105.4% to prior year.
- Led a team of 5 route sales representatives who each had between 1-20+ years of experience with the company.
- Coached team through 1w1's, work with's, and district meetings.
- Built customer relationships through trust and aligning similar business objectives.

Future Sales Leader Intern
Jun 2013 – May 2015
2014 Project Overview:
Maximized the Mountain Region Nitro Merchandising Strategy by analyzing Line Item Optimization in C-Stores throughout the Mountain Region, building strategic schematics and communicating strategy to Zone Sales Leaders for seamless execution.

2013 Project Overview:
Analyzed data of small format stores in the El Paso Zone including Sell.Max analysis, store scorecarding, schematics, and the impact of space to sales on unsaleables.

-Vector Marketing-
Sales Representative
Jun 2011 – Aug 2011
• Cold called over 200 referrals in order to set up appointments.
• Personal sales exceeded $10,000 worth of Cutco products during a span of 5 weeks.
• Inducted into the President’s Club – $8,000 in sales during a campaign period.
• Excelled in a week long sales training program conducted by the company.

Eco Shield Pest Control

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