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Fraser  Calderwood

Name: Fraser Calderwood

Address:Unit, 10 Myrekirk Road, Dundee City DD2 4SH United Kingdom

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Primary Service: Coaching

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TeamSport Indoor Go Karting

I am known commonly across leisure as someone who can bring new life to businesses be that on a consultancy or employed basis. Someone who thrives in environments where support and good management practices are in place. Able to think BIG and be prepared to make the hard choices.

I have learnt a lot in my life and my work. Not every experience has been positive, however they have all shaped me and made me into a strong person. During my climbing experiences I mountaineered a Glacier in the Alps two and a half times the size of Ben Nevis (yes, thats big!), travelled and lived in great places such as Italy and Austria. I learned to appreciate life and people more as a result.

I have learnt to Coach, Manage and Lead people in a range of environments. I realise that my contribution to the world will be about how I can help others, make them stronger and help them achieve more. There is no point in climbing the mountain if there is no one there to appreciate it with you. Please get in touch if you think that I can help you.

Fraser Calderwood M.A.


-TeamSport Indoor Go Karting-
General Manager
Jun 2019 – Present
Overseeing the Dundee Scotkart business in its successful transition into the Team Sport business.

- Growth in admissions significantly beyond previous records in some cases 20-30% higher,
- Guest experience vastly improved with high scores on TripAdvisor, Google and other recommendation platforms,
- Sales increased to new levels transforming what had been a significantly under performing business into the market leader in the North East area,
- Significant growth in membership with us becoming the third top sellers our of 36 venues in February 2020,
- Up sells consistently improved to be above the company average having previously only been half of expectations,

-ScotKart Indoor Karting, Combat City and Lazer Planet-
General Manager
Jun 2019 – Present
Given a fantastic resurrection project and turning it into a legacy a day at a time. Breaking records, building the best team in our marketplace to drive lasting change.

Story so far includes:
- achieved the Entertainment Licence with Dundee city Council;
- improved admissions and income consistently including hitting 102% halfway through February 2020 compared to the year before;¡
- growth of over 22% year on year for Lazer Combat (£34k) 2019 compared to 2018;
- significant impression on karting, lazer and catering sales (over £24k over budget for September);
- Massive increase in Corporate events (Dominos, Costa, and Starbucks amongst the big names);
- the governing body NKA awarded us 100% on our compliance award;
- quadrupled up-sells compared to previous months hitting £12.51 per head compared to the company average of £7;
- reduced staffing costs;
- overseen improvements in the toilets, kitchen, reception and garage areas to bring a modern leisure centre feel;
- overseen the restructure of the venue including adding fantastic roles including a Membership Manager, Assistant Mechanic and Hosts;

-Care & Share Fife-
Board Member (Trustee)
Apr 2020 – Present
Care & Share help vulnerable people in the Fife community in a range of ways including befriending, phone call catch ups and shopping trips.

-I have been involved in various climbing groups.-
Mountaineer ~ Climber ~ Guide ~ Adventurer
1996 – Present
My sporting passion is Climbing which I have done over a number of years in a range of environments, utilising combinations of styles including via ferrrata, scrambling, ice climbing, free climbing and multi-pitch. I am a climber and I have acted as a group leader in a number of environments including routes in the Alps.

-Independent Consultant-
Business Coach ~ Guest Speaker ~ Special Advisor ~ Networker ~ Writer ~ Engaging Leader ~ Mentor
Feb 2006 – Present
I have primarily focussed on Speaking at Seminars, Writing Articles and Providing Business Coaching. I enjoy sharing ideas and helping others reach more of their potential. I want to see people suceed and often I can help point people in the right direction.

Clients have included: Tees Active, Midlothian Council, Hartlepool Council, QLM, ProLeisure, STA, RLSS, Glasgow Life, Recreation Journal, Media View, Digital Trends, WISAD, NetRatings, Opini, GlobalTestMarket, Gfk MediaView, amongst others.

Recently I took the opportunity to take on a few projects and take a break away from club management. During that time I’ve done a host of business reviews on behalf of Bannatynnes, various cultural, sport & Leisure organisations, Ernest Jones, H.Samuels, SG Fitness, amongst others.

I analysed specific venues and marketplaces then offered solutions to problems that I identified. A lot of the projects that I have worked on specifically focused on Sales Process and Service Delivery. Recent projects include producing business development reports for a food & beverage business and creating a startup proposal for a boxing gym. I have also completed funding bids on behalf of organisations including bids for local charities.

Please feel free to contact me to have an informal chat, perhaps I can help you or your business reach more of its potential! Call me at 07841027811

-Freelance Photograper-
Freelance Photographer
Dec 2018 – Present
Freelance Photographer specialising in landscape and nature photography.

-DW Fitness First-
General Manager
Oct 2017 – Dec 2018
I was rated the highest scoring person ever in the GM recruitment day set up with Fitness First.

I excelled in aspects such as corporate lead generation, sales and business development.
- Increased swimming lessons generating a significant increase in rent & secondary spend;
- reduced the cost of the Group Fitness programme whilst increasing attendances and quality;
- in August we hit 118% of sales target after changing sales staff and taking a more clinical approach to closing;
- In March we hit 105% of sales target despite having not over 100 hours per week of staffing & management hours;
- Consistently driven corporate partnerships and utilised them to drive membership growth;
- Significantly increased standards in areas such as maintenance, cleanliness and people management leading to better guest experience;
- Moved on people who were not the right fit, brought in some great talent and I’ve imbedded them into my team;
- vastly improved aspects of our sales function including generating leads (over 200% increase), carrying out better call drives (over 150% increase), attaining more appointments (60%+ increase) and sales (best month 105% of target);

-Gala Bingo-
General Manager
Oct 2015 – Sep 2017
Summary of my time with Gala: I feel privileged to have worked at a number of large venues with Gala (Falkirk, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glenrothes).

I left having won a strong of awards, smashed bonus targets and having been challenged to lead and manage in a range of competitive marketplaces.

• Overall responsibility for the day to day running of the club
• Highly visible leadership, role-modelling “what a great job looks like”
• Recruitment, coaching, and development of the Management and club team
• Motivating and engaging the team to deliver a consistent outstanding customer experience
• Driving a sales through service culture in the team
• Continuously improving club service and standards
• Overall responsibility for Budget Management
• Strategic planning and decision-making to ensure the ongoing success of the business
• Overall responsibility for ensuring all practices comply with legislation and company procedures

General Manager (Buzz Conductor)
Jul 2017 – Aug 2017
I was seconded to Glenrothes. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn in another competitive marketplace.

• Overall responsibility for the day to day running of the club
• Highly visible leadership, role-modelling “what a great job looks like”
• Recruitment, coaching, and development of the Management and club team
• Motivating and engaging the team to deliver a consistent outstanding customer experience
• Driving a sales through service culture in the team
• Continuously improving club service and standards
• Overall responsibility for Budget Management
• Strategic planning and decision-making to ensure the ongoing success of the business
• Overall responsibility for ensuring all practices comply with legislation and company procedures

General Manager (Buzz Conductor)
Mar 2017 – Apr 2017
I took up the post of General Manager at the capital club in Westerhailes, Edinburgh having completed a successful change management project in Aberdeen. I took over the Edinburgh business which is in need of rebuilding and it all allowed me to move back home to Fife. One of the key tasks that I am been given is to mentor new managers coming into the region to prepare them to work for Gala.

• Overall responsibility for the day to day running of the club
• Highly visible leadership, role-modelling “what a great job looks like”
• Recruitment, coaching, and development of the Management and club team
• Motivating and engaging the team to deliver a consistent outstanding customer experience
• Driving a sales through service culture in the team
• Continuously improving club service and standards
• Overall responsibility for Budget Management
• Strategic planning and decision-making to ensure the ongoing success of the business
• Overall responsibility for ensuring all practices comply with legislation and company procedures

General Manager (Buzz Conductor)
Feb 2016 – Mar 2017
I was responsible for a large team, budgets in excess of £5.7m and running a busy destination venue. Overseeing a strong Food & Beverage, Gaming and Bingo business catering to over 56,000 customers. My role was to create the buzz for staff and customers alike which helps to make a customer focused and successful business.

Since moving to Aberdeen I have:
+ Won a Specialist Entertainment award at the Best Bar None awards;
+ Improved Employee Engagement from 55% to 81% (26% growth);
+ Implemented a Cook on Request & Table Service;
+ Rapidly increased income in our Gaming Areas (both Party Bingo & AWP machines);
+ Introduced remote crediting to add more electronic game play;
+ Implemented a strong People Plan to get more from our team;
+ Improved Customer Satisfaction by 12% in the initial three months;
+ Developed a more engaged and competent team to deliver our products & services;
+ Overseen a refurbishment of our entrance to create a better first impression;
+ Got more of our technology working for us and in a better state of repair;
+ Reduced the amount of waste and financial issues in the club;
+ Turned it into a happy, more productive and disciplined workplace;
+ Dealt with a number of Health & Safety issues and brought standards up to a new high;
+ Turned around a Diner that was receiving red audit fails to pass with a 99% score;
+ Recognised for GP growth of 82% Year on Year for year end P13 (£42k). Third top performance out of 132 clubs;

General Manager (Buzz Conductor)
Nov 2015 – Feb 2016
I worked and trained as a General Manager at Gala Falkirk which I was responsible for managing a large team, venue, budgets whilst creating both a positive working environment & a customer focussed destination. As a "buzz conductor" my role is critical to engaging and creating something special for everyone involved.Once completing my probationary training period at Falkirk I moved onto work at Gala Aberdeen.

-Quality Leisure Management Ltd-
Quality and Health & Safety Consultant
Oct 2013 – Jan 2016
Responsible for carrying out key Quality & health and safety inspections and audits of customer sites and writing effective reports that highlight areas of concern as well as safe practices whilst suggesting areas for service improvement, business growth, income generation and cost reduction. I am able and willing to travel extensively throughout the UK to provide Quality Management & health, safety and environmental services for QLM Clients.

- Mystery Visits - Health, Safety and Quality Audits - Business changing advice

Career break
Jul 2015 – Oct 2015
After being paid off from my last role I took time out to explore my options and pick the right job & boss. I went on holiday, spent as much time as possible with my family, reconnected with friends, worked on the house & gardens and felt the benefits.

I was lucky enough to be offered a few opportunities including really high paid roles that I turned down because at this stage of my life and career I didn't want to waste any of it with the wrong employer. The time out taught me a lot about myself and I am really lucky to be stepping into a great organisation where I am excited about working.

-Borders Sport and Leisure-
Area Manager
Dec 2014 – Jul 2015
I was the Area Manager of three sport & leisure centres in the Peebles, along with Active Schools and Sports Development within the area. A key goal of my work was to build and develop relationships with our key partners in order to achieve optimum results. I was a key player within the Operational Management Team making strategic decisions, managing a large budget and a large diverse team.

There were a number of issues when I took on the post and my role was to bring significant change within a short period of time.

Key achievements:
- Financially the cluster was under severe pressure having been under performing during my previous two predecessors but within three months I balanced the books.
- Brought Judo Scotland and Parkour events to the Scottish Borders;
- Turned the Gytes that previously had been on the verge of closure into a thriving centre;
- Successfully made the case for investing to build Soft Play Facilities in the Tweeddale area;
- Turned a School Partnership site (PHS Sports Centre) from an under performing site into one that balanced the books;
- Achieved over 40% increase in the Health & Safety standards at the Gytes and 32% at the PHS Sports Centre within my first three months.

My work included:
- Deliver a range of Sports events with our key partners including the Peebles Rugby 7s, Peebles Triathlon, Peebles Dualathalon,
- Work with key national sports associations such as Judo Scotland and Scottish Rugby.
- Lead management of events such as the Peebles Colts Rugby 7's, Peebles Rugby 7's, Duathalon and Triathlon,
- I acted on a range of committees and working groups including the Tweeddale Sports Hub, TYLC and health & safety forums.

Borders Sport & Leisure Trust aim to improve lives through physical activity and sport, and inspiring everyone to lead more active lifestyles, your remit will be to manage our facilities and collaborate with the other services within the Tweeddale area of the Scottish Borders.

Trainer and Assessor
Aug 2008 – Jun 2015
Qualified and experienced in safe lifeguarding practices. I passed on my knowledge by training and assessing the UK’s leading lifeguard qualification (NPLQ 8th Edition), AED and other lifesaving training.

Experience of being a RLSS Trainer and Assessor for several organisation’s including:
- Fife Sport & Leisure Trust
- West Lothian Leisure (Lead Trainer for five years)
- East Dunbartonshire Council
- Freelance

-Fife Sports and Leisure Trust-
Duty Manager, Trainer and Health & Safety Representative
Dec 2013 – Nov 2014
Operational Management within a large mixed use facility. I worked as a Duty Manager overseeing facilities including a large wave pool, flumes, gym and studio. My other responsibilities included management of Health & Safety, Maintenance, Swimming Lessons and line management of team members. I worked on projects such as long business development plans for lifesaving programmes, swimming development, facility energy efficiency and capital & maintenance development (2014-2024).

Responsibilities included:
• The day to day management of centre staff including the deployment, attendance management and the development of employees.
• Taking necessary action to ensure the centre is presentable to meet customer needs and quality of service in respect of cleanliness and health & safety.
• Contribute towards the development of centre programme and ensure that the publicity and notice boards “sell” the centres activities.

I was a Health & Safety representative on the (R)isk (A)ssessment (T)ask (T)eam for Fife Sport & Leisure Trust. I was tasked with carrying out Risk Assessments and providing reports for the Health & Safety team.

-Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity-
National Board Member
Mar 2013 – Feb 2014
This voluntary role had a range of challenges associated with it including increasing the membership base, locating sponsors and aiding in the facilitation of training/CPD sessions for professional managers. I gave up this role after sourcing a range of sponsors and helping create a more sustainable business model.

-West Lothian Leisure-
Trustee (Employee Representative Director)
May 2011 – Dec 2013
I was a non-executive Director of West Lothian Leisure Ltd which delivers sport, physical activity and health activities at 10 sport and leisure facilities throughout West Lothian on behalf of West Lothian Council. We are a social enterprise with a turnover of over £10m. I fulfilled a number of duties including recruiting non-executive directors, making key decisions on investment proposals and aiding in strategically lead the organisation.

- Pension review committee member between April 2013 – October 2013 (7 months)
- Member of Management on the Audit & Finance Sub Committee at West Lothian Leisure between September 2011 – September 2013 (2 years 1 month)
- Chair of the Employee Representative Forum at West Lothian Leisure between January 2012 – August 2013 (1 year 8 months)

Robin Strang, CEO, West Lothian Leisure said: “Fraser was appointed to the Board of Trustees of West Lothian Leisure in June 2011 as one of three employee representatives on the Board. Every
three years we carry out a ballot of all employees to appoint three representatives to the Board. Over the past two years Fraser has grown in confidence and influence and is now comfortable talking at a strategic level with other Trustees so much so that he was appointed by his peers as the Health and Safety champion on the Board. He is a member of the Audit Sub Committee (a standing sub committee of the Board which scrutinises the financial performance on the company) and was appointed to the sub committee of the Board which recruits new Trustees and contributed well in a recent selection process. He is a committed member of the Board and works constructively with the other Trustees for the good of the company.”

Duty Manager & Lead Trainer
Feb 2009 – Dec 2013
In my role at Linlithgow Leisure Centre I had a range of management responsibilities including line managing a range of teams, budgets and projects. We have achieved high scores in Quest and Leisuresafe as well as vastly increasing our business outcomes during my time at Linlithgow Leisure Centre.

Health and Safety Director (Trustee)
Sep 2012 – Nov 2013
As a Trustee for West Lothian Leisure I adopted the advisory capacity for Health and Safety for West Lothian Leisure. The key responsibility was to ensure that the Board of Trustees were advised and informed about key Health and Safety issues. This role included attending meetings with the company health & safety representatives, strategically guide the board of trustees and interact with the H&S consultants QLM.

Relief Duty Manager
Dec 2009 – Nov 2013
I acted on an adhoc basis (on top of my full time DM role at XLLC) covering for vacancies, sickness, holidays and other absences. I covered as a Duty Manager at Bathgate Leisure Centre, Livingston Leisure Centre, Whitburn Leisure Centre and Armadale Swimming Pool.

-Consumer Futures-
Consumer Network Volunteer
Jan 2010 – Nov 2012
I acted as part of the organisation to drive consumer issues, asked to take part in government consultation and participated in various surveys. In 2011 I was asked to give advice on the Ombudsman new complaints procedures for consumer issues.

-STA (Swimming Teachers Association)-
Trainer and Examiner
May 2009 – Jan 2012
I delivered a range of training and examined subjects such as Lifeguarding, Lifesaving, First Aid, Health & Safety and Customer Care.

-Glasgow Life-
Mystery Visitor
Sep 2007 – Jul 2011
I carried out mystery visits throughout the 103 main sites for Glasgow Life and reported back on my findings. I've gained a fantastic insight into what real "service excellence" can be. Glasgow Life provide facilities for sport, leisure, community, library, museums amongst others. I aided in Glasgow's continuous improvement agenda and positivity engaged at annual briefing sessions. In 2011 I was involved in the completion of the Glasgow Life Customer Charter and Feedback schemes. I left this role after the program was restructured.

-East Dunbartonshire Council-
Back up Leisure Officer
Sep 2008 – Feb 2009
Principal Objectives:
To undertake a range of duties in wet, dry and other areas which will include cleaning, control of facilities and assembling and dismantling of equipment. Responsible for the overseeing and general safety and behaviour of the public to prevent injury, misuse and damage to facilities.

I had some fantastic experiences managing and supervising people, helped achieve Quest amongst other Quality Accreditation awards and was seconded to write their Health and Safety Operating Procedures. I left EDC after a total of 5 years working for East Dunbartonshire Council to move onto West Lothian Leisure.

Leisure Officer (Maternity Cover)
Jun 2008 – Sep 2008
Supervisory Relations / Resource Accountability:
-Responsibility for the day to day operation of the facility overseeing the duties of all employees based at the facility
-Responsibility for cash handling, reconciliation, banking and for the effective use of resources
-To report regularly to the Operations Manager on personnel, resources and operational issues

Back up Leisure Officer
Apr 2007 – Jun 2008
This was my first opportunity to be a supervisor. I learnt a great deal during this period, often taking on lessons from mistakes that I made. Through time I gained confidence and experience that helped me make better decisions and I reflect upon those lessons frequently a number of years later.

Assistant Development Ops Advisor for Health & Safety (Secondment)
Jul 2007 – Oct 2007
I was given a partial secondment (2 days a week) to personally create and implement the Health and Safety Operating Procedures at the Allander Leisure Centre. These were then rolled out to two other sites.

Leisure Attendant
Jan 2004 – Jul 2007
I was a Leisure attendant at the Allander Leisure Centre, carrying out a range of duties including Lifeguarding, Sports Coaching, Cleaning, Swimming Teaching and Fitness Instruction.

-Milngavie and Bearsden Athletic Swimming Club-
Swimming Teacher and Coach
Apr 2006 – Mar 2008
I taught and coached at every level within the club. During my time with the club I enjoyed a great deal of success in developing youngsters and being involved in various events. I was pleased to see a number of the young athletes go on to compete at youth international level.

-Institute of Sport and Recreation Management-
Sponsorship Officer / National Committee Member
Nov 2006 – May 2007
I was the sponsorship manager for ISRM Scotland responsible for achieving funding for National events; as well as setting up new partnership agreements. Another duty of this role was participating as a member of the ISRM Scottish Branch Executive Committee. Although my official period of involvement with ISRM was short I have helped on a voluntary basis at many events since 2006.

Mar 2007 – Apr 2007
I worked on a casual basis at the Esporta Milngavie facilities to gain more experience.

-West Dunbarton Council-
Casual Lifeguard / Leisure Attendant
Jan 2005 – May 2005
I worked on a casual basis between the three main West Dunbartonshire Council Sport & Leisure facilities to gain more experience.

Everything and Anything
1998 – 2004
When I left School I wasn't sure what I wanted to do so tried a range of jobs whilst studying through distance learning and at Anniesland College. I wasn't afraid of hard work so I got stuck into jobs in Retail, Insurance, Bars, Clubs, Security and Construction. My passion for sport and growing love of climbing led to my move into Sport & Leisure studies and then work roles.

TeamSport Indoor Go Karting

Keys Services offered

TeamSport are the undisputed #1 provider of indoor karting in the UK and are pioneers behind the dramatic changes seen in indoor karting today. It all started for TeamSport back in 1992 in Guildford, Surrey when we opened our first track. The desire then to create the best karting experience and provide new standards in the industry were the foundations for the business today. Over the years our drive to develop the business has meant we needed to do things differently. We saw this as an opportunity to develop the circuits to exciting multi-level tracks, provide top of the range karts and install great customer facilities. This is still part of what differentiates TeamSport today, the other being our fantastic crew who each and every day provide our customers with the ultimate indoor karting experience.

Today, we’re the UK’s No 1 indoor karting company and our plans are to continue growing, opening more venues across the UK to bring the fun of indoor karting closer to even more people.

Indoor karting is a great teambuilding activity, bringing collaboration and competition together in a fun environment. Our range of race events provides a great choice for small and large groups and with meeting facilities on site we provide the ideal solution for team meetings, incentive rewards, product launches and networking events.

More information on our locations, race events and meeting facilities can be found on our website or by calling 01252 732300.

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