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Lizzy  Lowenstein

Name: Lizzy Lowenstein

Address: United Kingdom

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An Occupational Psychologist with a specialism and passion in developing and sustaining Resilient, Supportive and Agile Learning Cultures and Learning Organisations. Her work spans learning and development, sustainable culture development programmes and strategies, change management, talent management and recruitment solutions.

Lizzy and her team work with individuals, teams and across organisations developing long term tailored solutions which tackle issues and simultaneously create optimum conditions for learning from self and others. Solutions include innovative face to face and online engagement strategies.

She creates solutions at the level of culture,strategy, process and capabilities. However, without the focus on culture, the other three will never sustainably and successfully deliver your desired results.

Lizzy has developed a Driving Success Model and Framework for the development of Learning Cultures and Organisations. This includes key ingredients essential to building Sustainable, Supportive and Self-managing Learning Cultures. This framework underpins the Investors in Learning Needs Analysis Survey Tool which works for individuals, teams and whole organisations to provide the data and information about where the greatest attention is needed and the challenges lie. Investors in Learning then supports with the bespoke development of Self-managing, Supportive Continuous Learning Cultures.

Trained in occupational psychology, educational psychology, with 30 years experience in academic and applied psychology, research and practice. Extensive and varied experience working with private sector organisations, businesses, local government, public sector and all sectors in education, with experience working with SMEs, multi national companies, and FTSE 100 companies.

Currently working in multi national businesses, with SMEs and in the education sector.

Building Resilient, Supportive, Agile Learning Cultures and Organisations
Lessons Learned Programmes
Bespoke solutions to fostering employee engagement, motivation, developing strengths, increasing engagement.
Consultation processes for business, education and communities
Online solutions to capturing ideas and gaining consensus on action
Change management & culture change
Leadership Development & Training
Recruitment profiling & strategies
Recruitment profiling solutions
Team development
Organizational learning systems
Project Management
Coaching & mentoring
Impact evaluations
Accreditation development
Quality Assurance
Research skills and methodologies


Managing Director
Apr 2011 – Present
- Fostering learning across organizations developing human capital, motivation and peak performance.
- supporting organisations to design Learning & Development plans around the key priorities with the use of the Investors in Learning needs analysis Insight tool.
- Implementing online and offline approaches and systems which encourage and promote learning for individuals, teams and whole organizations.
- Learning is at the heart of all we do. Managing learning and development, training, process consultancy and accreditation
- Implementing performance development and positive appraisal approaches and training business to implement sustainable change through appraisal and competency frameworks
- Working in partnership with Recruitment Companies offering personality and work preferences profiling as well as analysis of results
- Direct Recruitment services including personality and job specific profiling solutions
- Development of Recruitment processes for companies in order to maximise efficiency of recruitment solutions
- Sustainable Talent Development and Succession Planning
- Creating sustainable Learning & Development solutions planning for long impact
- working with single and multi site businesses.

Designing and delivering bespoke leadership & management development courses tailored towards the specific needs of organizations through organizational development and coaching
• Team leading training
• employee engagement strategies
• Online and e-learning learning and development solutions
• Facilitating processes which support vision building and future pacing for organizations, to inform business strategy and solutions
• Project cycle management, including facilitating community led project management solution focused processes

-Open College Network, West Midlands-
Jan 1998 – Jun 2018
Open College Network West Midlands (OCNWM)

• Managing the Quality Assurance process in Further Education Colleges for the Access to Higher Education Diploma
• Coaching and supporting colleges to enable them to implement new assessment processes and meet QA benchmarks

-Bishop of Hereford Bluecoat school-
Secondary School Governor -
Sep 2006 – Sep 2014

-Herefordshire Council-
Co-optee for Secondary School Education on Scrutiny Committee
Sep 2006 – Aug 2014

-UFA - University Of The First Age-
Sep 2005 – Jan 2011
• Playing a pivotal role in the management, development and implementation of innovative projects designed to effectively transform learning and development and foster engagement , motivation and peak performance for young people and adults
• Creating sustainable and capacity building programmes aimed at developing local skills to create long term solutions
• Developing solutions in collaboration with partnerships with strategic, operational and financial management responsibilities
• Working with wide variety of partnerships to include individual and school clusters, cooperatives, individual agencies, multi agency working, county wide and local authorities, private sector businesses.
• Discovering the specific needs of partner organisations designing, facilitating and evaluating multiple training and development programmes including train the trainer, and direct delivery
• Successfully negotiating and securing new partnerships and contracts with local authorities and individual organisations and schools
• Designing, launching and managing a range of qualifications with awarding bodies
National management, development, implementation and monitoring of national Getting Connected programme
• Supervising, coaching and supporting a national team of trainers and practitioners
• Leading research and evaluations to monitor and understand impact of interventions
• Leading workshops at national and regional conferences to increase partner involvement

-Learning Links-
Managing Director
Jan 2001 – Dec 2005
Working in the education sector designing Learning and Development Programmes across all sectors - primary, secondary , FE and HE

-Assessment and Qualifications Alliance-
Jan 1999 – Jan 2004

-Worcestershire County Council-
Jan 2001 – Jan 2003
Writing and amending SEN Statements, to ensure that the quality of the statements includes the necessary detail to effectively support the needs of the child.
Responsible for a case load of over 900 young people with Statements of Special Educational Need.
Negotiation with agencies, parents, schools and professionals to develop and implement innovative learning solutions and to achieve the best possible outcomes to meet identified special needs.
Managing varied projects in the Educational Psychology Service including working with the Adoption Panel on improving the experience of potential adoptees.

-British Academy of Advanced Training Limited-
Jul 2001 – Aug 2002
• Managed, developed and delivered innovative learning and development projects for business and school managers in the psychology of learning applications. E.g. brain friendly learning processes and environments
• Created curriculum content, course design, training, and evaluation of learning skills programmes, with excellent feedback

-Minster College-
Jan 2001 – Jan 2002
Managing school wide research- Conducting research needs analysis followed research design, questionnaire design, implementation, data analysis, interpretation , dissemination

-Riverside Training-
NVQ Team Leading Assessor
1999 – 2002
Worked collaboratively with local and national businesses in developing individual Team Leaders, as well as planning workshops with managers and employers in order to raise awareness of the needs of NVQ learners

-Herefordshire User Group-
Jan 1999 – Jan 2001
on behalf of Mental health service users, Herefordshire User Group
A Charity

Co- designed County wide crisis services questionnaire with Mental Health Service Users.
Managed data analysis, interpretation of findings and dissemination, which led to change of services

-Herefordshire College of Technology-
Jan 1994 – Jan 2001
• Instigated, planned, designed, implemented, evaluated college wide cross curricular needs analysis, followed by writing a learning skills programme to meet the needs of all departments
• Managed and monitored staff development and training across the college with the aim of implementing learning skills cross college.
• Assessed adult learners in the workplace for Education and Training PGCE
• Coordinated Learning Support Qualification to include course design, writing course materials, supporting and assessing adult learners in the workplace
• Successfully managed Return to Learn Course for adults, increasing recruitment and retention for each successive course.
• Lectured psychology at all levels in various departments, FE and HE

-King Henry VIII-
Jan 1999 – Jan 2000
Recruited specifically to support A level students through their A level Psychology programme at a fast pace, all students successfully achieved qualifications at A and B grades
Introduced and managed independent learning skills programmes for all students

-Marches Consortium-
Jan 1998 – Jan 2000
European development of Learning Skills for organizations, Marches Consortium, A cooperative

Management, writing and submission of bid which secured funding to scope out the development of a European Project in the development and accreditation of a European Qualification in learning skills, for teachers, lecturers and business

-Grange House School-
Jan 1995 – Jan 1997
Developing a bespoke learning skills curriculum for the school
Adapting German teaching to the needs of young people with dyslexia

-Hereford Sixth Form College-
Jan 1994 – Jan 1995
Lecturing in A level and GCSE Psychology

-Swansea Institute-
Jan 1991 – Jan 1993
Managed the Psychology Department for the nursing diploma 2000
Responsible for - programme design; design of bespoke course content, design of assessment methodologies, structure and review processes; moderation and Quality assurance of the programme

-Swansea College-
Jan 1991 – Jan 1993
A level psychology lecturing, student support, exam skills and revision skills coaching;
Adult - part time and young people - full time


Keys Services offered

By committing to Building a Resilient and Agile Continuous Learning Culture, you'll make the best decision for yourself and your organisation that you've ever made! It is the bedrock of sustainable Engagement, Motivation, Well-being and Productivity, crucial in this unpredictable fast changing world!

Now more than ever the relevance and pertinence of Agility and Resilience have moved up the agenda. With sudden global change, we realise that our ability and processes to embrace change and Learning sit at the heart of our success. What worked yesterday will no longer work today!

We cannot develop Agility or Resilience without a Continuous Learning Culture. Core to building a Continuous Learning Culture, is the need to embed and embrace Lessons Learned regularly and systematically. Our unique accredited, structured, Lessons Learned Suite of Programmes is the only one of its kind.

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