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Hayley Lewis

Name: Hayley Lewis

Address: United Kingdom

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Primary Service: Change Management

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HALO Psychology

I love helping organisations and managers overcome seemingly impossible problems. My drive is to see all managers and leaders have the knowledge and confidence to tackle difficult issues themselves, creating happier workplaces where they and their teams can thrive and shine.

The things I get asked for help with the most are workplace relationships, improving morale and confidence issues.

As well as being a qualified psychologist, I’ve been a successful manager leading high-pressure multi-million pound services. In other words, I’ve walked in your shoes and can share my tried and tested psychological principles to help you and your team shine.

I was lucky enough to learn about culture change and leadership development from the top OD practitioners in the world, whilst working at the BBC. This provided me with an excellent foundation as a business psychologist, OD practitioner and people manager. I've transformed services and organisations through my work in OD, ICT, customer service and communications - all underpinned by use of tried-and-tested psychological approaches.

I've been shortlisted for and won several awards for my work both as a psychologist and as a public sector manager. In particular, I've been recognised for my work on leadership development, culture change and digital transformation. In recent years, I've been awarded Associate Fellowship with the British Psychological Society and become a Fellow of the RSA.

I've also helped scores of women looking to progress in their careers - through coaching, mentoring and advising. In 2015, I set up a women's network where the women help each other gain confidence and work through professional issues in a safe environment.

Specialties: OD, culture change, management and leadership development, team performance, executive coaching


-HALO Psychology-
Founder and director
Jul 2016 – Present
HALO Psychology exists to help managers and leaders overcome the toughest of organisational issues around people, performance and change.

My vision is that all managers have the knowledge and confidence to tackle difficult issues themselves, creating better workplaces where they and their teams can succeed and thrive.

At HALO Psychology, we use our deep understanding of what makes people and teams tick, combined with first-hand experience of leading and managing multi-million pound services, to help managers and their teams to thrive.

We have three core services:

- Change consultancy

- Team building and development

- Management development including executive coaching

Everything we deliver is geared towards your specific needs as we believe one size doesn't fit all.

Get in touch to see how we can help you and your business to shine.

-Kingston University - Company-
Lecturer, MSc Occupational & Business Psychology
Nov 2016 – Present
I lead the weekend school for the second-year, part-time Masters students. I am responsible for the delivery of the Leadership, Organisational Development and Change module which includes the marking of student assignments. Topics I cover include leadership; organisational behaviour and culture; change management; creativity and innovation; and consultancy skills.

-City, University of London-
Honorary Lecturer, MSc Organisational Psychology
Mar 2010 – Present
Since 2010 I have delivered an extremely popular annual seminar for postgraduate students on professional skills and career development.

I also support the MSc Organisational Psychology programme through the delivery of the Organisational Development and Change module and the Training, Learning and Development module. My specialist topics are:

* Leadership development - authentic leadership, how to design and deliver a leadership programme, leadership in a digital world
* Teams - how to build high performing teams, teams in a dispersed world
* Power, politics and influence in organisations
* Leading major organisational culture change - planning through to delivery and evaluation

-Coventry University-
Guest lecturer, MSc Occupational & Business Psychology
Nov 2016 – Present
I lecture on both the MSc in Occupational Psychology and MSc in Business and Organisational Psychology. My lectures cover:
* Management and leadership training
* Coaching, counselling and mentoring
* Organisational culture and climate
* Models and methods of organisational change and development

-Local Government Association-
Peer Reviewer
Sep 2015 – Jul 2016
Peer Challenge is a core element of the Local Government Association’s sector-led improvement offer to local authorities, the approach to which is set out in ‘Sector led improvement in local government’ (June 2012) and which has received high levels of support. Peer reviewers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience of running local authority services and use this to help identify opportunities for improvement and transformation.

-Croydon Council-
Head of Communications and Engagement
May 2012 – Jul 2016
Responsible for delivering major strategic corporate communications activity and campaigns; digital and online services; media relations, PR and reputation management; internal communications and employee engagement; resident and business engagement; public consultation; graphic design and brand management. Key achievements included:

* Streamlining the service by reorganizing and moving to digital channels, including completely cutting the printed resident magazine, saving the taxpayer £500k p.a.; and
* Implementing the council’s new website in only four months and within the budget of £250k, plus negotiating a reduction in the cost of web hosting by £100k and achieving an increase of 40% in user satisfaction.

Head of Customer Strategy and Development
Oct 2009 – May 2012
Full strategic and operational responsibility for improving the customer experience. Led three teams covering complaints (including social care), Freedom of Information (FOI), Data Protection, customer insight, customer strategy, channel shift, resident surveys and customer service skills training. Key achievements included:

* Developing and implementing a five year customer service strategy which resulted in a 10% increase in resident satisfaction with the council, from 45% to 55%, and a 52% reduction in stage one corporate complaints; and
* Implementing a work-flow system which improved FOI response time from 45% on time in 2010/11 to 78% on time in 2011/12.

Interim Head of Customer Contact
May 2011 – Dec 2011
I covered a colleague's maternity leave and ran the council's call centre and face-to-face hubs.

Head of Strategy and Innovation
Jan 2009 – Oct 2009
This was a secondment opportunity where I had responsibility for delivering the five year ICT strategy and three year information management strategy, as well as improving the relationship with the council's then ICT partner. Key achievements included:

* Developing a five-year ICT strategy and three-year information strategy both of which contributed over £10m in savings by 2014/15 and which were held up by Gartner as exemplars in strategic ICT and transformation plans; and
* Establishing a fully functioning in-house consultancy on all aspects of transformation, including lean process improvement, business case development and benefits realisation tracking.

Head of Organisational Development
Sep 2005 – Dec 2008
Created an in-house consultancy delivering leadership and team development, along with an organisational culture change programme. In this role, I developed the council's first OD strategy which led to the following achievements:

* Successful delivery of a new staff appraisal system;
* Implementation of an assessment centre approach to recruitment;
* Development of the council’s organisational values;
* Design and delivery of an award winning leadership programme (The Leadership Academy);
* The launch of an in-house executive coaching service; and
* The implementation of an annual staff survey.

People Development and Business Manager
Jun 2004 – Aug 2005
A secondment opportunity where I was responsible for the learning and development programme for the 300 staff in the Rights and Business Affairs Department. Key achievements included:
* Developing a comprehensive annual professional and personal development programme for all RBA staff with a particular focus on succession planning; and
* Developing and leading the change and communications strategy for a major restructure which covered all aspects of communications for staff, internal customers and other stakeholders such as the unions.

Organisational Psychologist
Jun 1999 – Jun 2004
Part of an in-house consultancy, I delivered the following services for BBC News and BBC Technology:

* Training - interview skills, assessment centre management, facilitation
* Leadership coaching - including use of 360 feedback and Myers-Briggs
* Assessment centres - design, delivery and evaluation
* Organisational culture reviews - data gathering, analysis and recommendations for improvement

HALO Psychology

Keys Services offered

At HALO Psychology, we help public sector managers with difficult problems in the workplace.

We use our deep understanding of what makes people and teams tick, combined with first-hand experience of leading and transforming multi-million pound front-line services, to help you thrive as a manager and create a service that is a shining example in your sector.

We have three core services:

- Change consultancy

- Organisational development services

- Management development

Everything we deliver is geared towards your specific needs as we believe one size doesn't fit all.

Go to today to find out how we can help you and your organisation to shine.

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