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Lorraine  Harris

Name: Lorraine Harris

Address:260 Cowbridge Road East, Canton, Cardiff CF5 1GZ United Kingdom

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Primary Service: Coaching

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Samye Foundation Wales / The Mindfulness Association

Courses I deliver at Samye Foundation Wales as well as to businesses:

1. Introductory 1 hour Mindfulness talks to businesses at client's premises.
2, Bespoke Mindfulness courses to suit clients' needs
3. Retreat days at the dedicated mindfulness centre in Cardiff. Staff away days
4. Mindfulness Summer schools consisting of 2 full days of Mindfulness teachniques
5. Mindful Friends Group
I've been a Mindfulness practitioner for over 30 years and deliver bespoke and 8 week Mindfulness Based Living courses to organisations throughout the UK.
I am a lead tutor for the Mindfulness Association and am registered on the UK mindfulness teachers network.
I'm the CEO of Samye Foundation Wales Mindfulness and Wellbeing charity and I believe that today, valuing your own mind is the greatest gift you can give yourself and I would really like to help others feel more focussed, calm and more productive both at home and work by being more present with their experience. So many people in the workplace today experience anxiety and stress and I kniow that mindfulness can be applied in these situations to work to help alleviate stress.


-Samye Foundation Wales / The Mindfulness Association-
Mindfulness Trainer / Lead Tutor
Jan 2008 – Present

-Samye Foundation Wales-
CEO & Mindfulness Trainer
2006 – Present

Samye Foundation Wales / The Mindfulness Association

Keys Services offered

Samye Foundation Wales was established in 2006 as a not-for-profit company; for the primary purpose of promoting mindfulness, meditation, the Tibetan culture and well-being in Wales. We are a secular, non-religious organisation that exists to promote mental and physical well-being by providing mindfulness to the general public, businesses and disadvantaged communities in Wales and England.

The Mindfulness and Well-Being Centre, part of Samye Foundation Wales, exists to provide mindfulness courses in the community as well as access to complementary therapies, psychotherapy and counselling. Our charity targets diverse markets such as corporate business, health and higher education providers, voluntary and community sector, local community groups and private individuals.

We run Mindfulness courses for businesses and individuals from our centre in Cardiff. Our centre is also host to a number of therapies such as psychotherapy, counselling and holistic massage therapies, as well as qi gong, t'ai chi and yoga classes. Rooms are available to hire for conferences, events, therapies and meetings.

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