Wed, Oct 21 2020

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Mario Condello

Name: Mario Condello

Address:134 mcbryde street, Fawkner 3060 Australia

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Primary Service: Food Services

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Melbourne Feast

I've helped Melbourne cater for events since 1987. Predominately based in Melbourne's Northern suburbs, but have been involved in hospitality businesses and services across Australia. I have managed teams that have fed thousands of guests and also engaged in high end hospitality services as well. My bigger picture is that quality and personal service is a reality when providing food and drink to large numbers of people. The best way to spread love to big numbers is for people to feel like they are getting personal service, no matter how large the crowd they are part of is.


1987 Reception Centres
1997 Restaurants
2005 Out door events
2008 Restaurant high volume
2010 - 2020 Reception Centres
2015 - 2020 Food high volume catering
2015 -2020 Online hospitality food stores catering service affordable

Melbourne Feast

Keys Services offered

Event Catering
Commercial Kitchen maintenance,
Cleaning & set up

General Business Information

Services Offered: City
Licensed: Yes
Bonded: No
Insured: Yes
Union: No

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