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Stephanie  Werner

Name: Stephanie Werner

Address: United States

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Primary Service: Wellness

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Health and Well-Being Leader and C-Suite Partner

Strategic Human Resources Leader and C-Suite partner who champions transformational, holistic, and operational initiatives that enhance employee work-life health and well-being, fostering employee happiness and a healthier bottom line.

Demonstrates success advocating, building and implementing innovative programs that strengthen organizational cultures and drive employee engagement, while supporting cost savings, productivity and retention.

A noted industry expert, with a strong reputation for successfully navigating corporate cultures with diverse stakeholder needs, and empowering talent with an unwavering commitment to deliver exceptional results in fast-paced environments.

-Health and Well-Being
-Employee Experience
-Vendor Management
-Mergers and Acquisitions
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-Health and Well-Being Leader and C-Suite Partner-
Strategic Health and Well-Being Leader and C-Suite Partner
Mar 2020 – Present
Strategic human resources leader with extensive background in benefits and wellness. Dedicated to employee well-being in support of health, productivity and cost savings. Versatile professional with experience in both specialist and generalist roles.
Signature Strengths:
Health and Well-Being, Wellness, Strategic Planning, Vendor Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Divestitures, Employee Experience, Leadership, Compliance

-The Metropolitan Museum of Art-
Senior Human Resources Leader, Benefits and Wellness Programs
Jun 2019 – Feb 2020
Consulted with internal and external teams to develop benefits and wellness strategy, identify compliance needs and propose recommendations to achieve operational excellence. Negotiated benefit costs, leveraged vendor services and successfully led a new team through critical benefits and wellness events while navigating significant cultural change.
• Successfully re-negotiated medical insurance contracts for International fellows enabling business continuity.
• Negotiated benefit renewal process and modified rebate approach resulting in savings of 500K.
• Proposed enhanced outsourcing model for leaves targeting a reduction in administration for 62% of employees.
• Developed holistic benefits and wellness strategy supporting employee engagement and cost containment.
• Developed recommendation to optimize the benefits function resulting in a consultative staffing model designed to enhance operations, support compliance and enable implementation of strategic initiatives.
• Developed engagement survey actions supporting efforts to improve employee satisfaction.
• Negotiated first-time provider authorization for wellness improvement funds resulting in the availability of additional health and wellness programs, at no cost, in support of employee well-being.

-Celgene Corporation-
Associate Director, Benefits and Wellness Programs
2007 – 2019
Associate Director, Benefits and Wellness Programs – 4,300 Employees
Senior Manager, Benefits and Wellness Programs – 1,200 Employees
Head of US Benefits and Wellness function with increased responsibility for strategy, acquisitions, compliance, vendor management, talent management and selection, communication and operations. Recognized for achieving exceptional business integration results, managing a rapidly growing 401(k) Plan and identifying as well as launching numerous wellness initiatives.
• Developed benefits cost containment and wellness strategy approved by leadership resulting in the launch of programs designed to target 5% of participants driving 50% of medical spend.
• Managed 10 benefits integrations in 11 years ensuring seamless transitions and supporting business continuity as the employee base grew over 300%.
• Launched Nurse Practitioner strategy delivering onsite wellness services to 3,000 employees.
• Managed 401(k) Plan ensuring compliance and achieving successful audit results as assets grew from approximately $165M to over $1B.
• Hired investment group enhancing 401(k) fund oversight and achieving a fee reduction of approximately 40%.
• Led international pension plan remediation project ensuring compliance with regulations.
• Spearheaded meeting with Celgene CEO and CEO of a large health insurance company enabling an effective exchange of healthcare strategy that established a platform for future collaboration.
• Collaborated on patient advocacy initiative achieving accreditation for CEOs Against Cancer and elevating Celgene’s reputation as a Company employing ‘best in class’ cancer programs as part of their benefits and wellness platform.
• Built internal team and led automation and process improvement efforts.
• Selected by Atlantic Health System to present on best practices relative to wellness.

-Cerebral Palsy of North Jersey - 2003 - 2007-
Director, Human Resources – 420 Employees
2003 – 2007
Top HR Executive building HR team of five from the ground up. Managed all functions including $11 million payroll. Coached and counseled management on HR actions concerning terminations, employee relations and restructuring. Provided guidance on issues pertaining to performance management, recruitment, compensation and policies. Member of senior leadership team responsible for alignment of HR strategies with business plans and goals.

Health and Well-Being Leader and C-Suite Partner

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