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Adnan Belushi

Name: Adnan Belushi

Address:50 Devon Street West, New Plymouth 4310 New Zealand

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Primary Service: Real Estate

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Johnson Corner

CEO and Co-Founder of Johnson Corner—Premium Workspace-as-a-Service Platform for Corporates and Office-Building-Owners with sustainability at its core.


Adnan Belushi is the CEO and Co-Founder of Johnson Corner, a premium workspace-as-a-service platform for corporates and office-building owners. Johnson Corner's mission is to introduce sustainable methods of designing, operating, and monitoring buildings for owners and work environments for corporates.

Adnan has 15 years of experience working in a diverse range of industries and companies ranging from corporates in the finance sector to growing startups in the aerospace and education sector. During Adnan's time at various organisations, he has helped transformational changes by solving hard and complex problems.

Adnan is an expert in Corporate Ecosystem Design and Development, focusing on designing and developing a network of well-integrated physical environments to drive sustainable culture transformation and long-term growth. He was awarded a Master of Business Administration from Henley Business School at the University of Reading.

This led to creating a unique workspace-as-a-service platform, By Johnson, designed to work in partnership with corporates and office-building owners to find, design, build, manage, and monitor sustainable work environments. It is well-positioned for the current market situation involving under-utilised spaces, realising unmet needs for corporates, and creating an integrated ecosystem of physical work environments for corporates.

Johnson Corner was founded in Taranaki, New Zealand. It is in its infancy with 3 years of proven track record and is planning to grow its footprint under management at a sustainable velocity in the next 3 to 5 years, from New Zealand to overseas markets. It is planning to be the first workspace operator/brand/platform to offer its services in the global market, taking New Zealand's world-class sustainable 'ways of working' to the world.

Adnan believes the 'ways we work' has to be sustainable and is on a mission to help accelerate sustainable 'ways of working' through Johnson Corner and its By Johnson Platform.

Adnan was born and raised in Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E and affiliates with Al Balushi Tribe. He lives with his family in Taranaki, New Zealand. In his downtime, Adnan enjoys Formula 1, making music, advocating for diversity and inclusion, and curating experiential learning experiences with his kids.

Johnson Corner

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Workspace a service for office-building-owners.
Workspaces fully managed, designed, monitored for corporates.

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Services Offered: Global
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