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Robin  Barone

Name: Robin Barone

Address: New York United States

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Primary Service: Real Estate

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Diplomat Capital & Kettlespace

I am curious and collaborative real estate executive with experience in entrepreneurship, real estate investment, and business development in small to large organizations. I am a self-starter known for my creativity, resourcefulness, and priority management. I thrive in fast-paced, uncertain, and ever-changing environments.

My experience includes a track record of:
• Collaboration across multiple departments/organizations
• Creating annual budgets with monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual financial reviews.
• Formulating creative, out of the box, win-win solutions to problems
• Developing an idea into an actionable business plan and then leading a successful execution in the marketplace

For the last three years, I have bootstrapped a startup in media/publishing. Now that it is scaling on its own, I want to apply my recent experience to support companies and communities building our future in a strategy, finance, or business development role.


-Diplomat Capital & Kettlespace Freelance-
Prop Tech for Real Estate Professionals Breakfast Series, Host
Jan 2020 – Present
Host of a monthly discussion where real estate executives are introduced to technology enabled companies and new business models that are transforming how real estate is used.

For this series, I have identified and vetted companies to present, secured Kettlespace as sponsor, and build the invitation list.

As technology continues to innovate and become a larger part of all parts of our lives, new business models are emerging that are affecting the use and demand on real estate space. We can live, work, and shop anywhere thereby diminishing the influence of “exclusivity” and “need to be” locations. Technology is reducing the friction in the marketing and leasing processes forever altering the discovery, information sharing, revenue, and valuations of properties as real estate demand becomes hospitality based.

-Diplomat Books-
Founder & CEO
Jan 2016 – Present
Founder of small press that publishes the children's book series Where is Robin that uses travel to teach kids curiosity. I bootstrapped the series into a collection of 4 books available for sale with 7 to be released. The series is now in the airport stores operated by CNBC, Hudson News, Faber, and Paradies Lagardere. Eastern National, Costco, and Barnes & Noble have sold and hosted us around the USA. The series can be found on the shelves of over 1,000 libraries and over 16 countries.

Our happy customers have gone on to comment that the series has been recognized as the “must have book” for a child’s bookshelf for its educational and entertaining content. My average customer has purchased at least 4 books as gifts or the entire collection; 25% of their new introductions lead to a similarly valued new customer. A majority of our customers buy a title from a location far from their hometown!

Series has become the basis of "Curiosity Conversations", a monthly newsletter distributed to over 2,000 human resource professionals, that features 5 articles that demonstrate how curiosity supports better outcomes for employee engagement, retention, and productivity. This newsletter serves as the backbone for learning and development seminars where I taught curiosity.

-Freddie Mac-
Credit Risk & Distribution (former Capital Markets Execution)
Mar 2013 – Nov 2015
• Capital Formation: Lead team of 4 analysts and associates in the preparation of a K-deal offering of senior loans with average balance greater than $1.0 billion. Facilitated $28.0 billion for securitization in 2013 and $25.0 billion in 2014.
• Loan Origination & Underwriting: Analyze loan structures submitted for approvals for loans between $50 to $300 million in the Northeast Region and make recommendations to the Director and National VP of Underwriting.
• Business Development: Active communication with all level of investors about the underwriting of properties included in the pools of CMBS investments during the bidding, due diligence, and sale processes of K-Deals bonds.

Commercial Real Estate, Vice President
Jan 2007 – Nov 2008
•Team Leadership: Managed six associates in the loan origination and underwriting process. Served as manager of Buy-Side Desk in 2007.

•Debt Acquisition, Origination, & Underwriting: Originated, underwrote, and purchased real estate debt transactions that included acquisition bridge loans, B-Note carve outs, mezzanine loans, and mezzanine loan syndication. During 2007 reviewed over $916 million (36 loans), screened over $643 million (23 loans) before Credit Committee, and closed $192 million or 21% of reviewed loans (6 loans) in which $85.2million purchased at a discount.

• Financial Analysis: Led review of department’s joint venture with a mortgage REIT to determine in-house strategy.

• Strategic Planning: Completed comprehensive survey of lenders to develop division’s 2008 strategy, implementation delayed due to changing market conditions.

• Portfolio Management: Served as administrative agent for a $500 mm loan workout.

-RAIT Investment Trust-
Senior Associate
Jan 2005 – Sep 2006
• Financial Analysis: Analysis of cash flows to determine the structure of mezzanine and bridge loans from $1.0 -$30.0 mm. Drafted term sheets on behalf of originators for use in transactions.

• Team Leadership: Lead transaction due diligence process for debt investments under commitment. Responsibilities included site visits, identifying competitive sets, analyzing historic revenues and expenses of properties under review, engaging third party consultants as necessary, and presentation of debt investment to the investment committee for approval.

• Participation in loan closing process: Review of loan documents, preparation of closing statements, and final discussions with the CFO to fund loans.

-SL Green-
Senior Analyst
Jan 2001 – Oct 2004
Provided analytical support for c-level management during period of dramatic position in size and asset class.

• Strategic Planning: Analyzed future transactions to determine impact of acquisitions on earnings, balance sheet, corporate liquidity, and lender covenant compliance. Analysis used to determine corporate strategy and increased capital availability.

• Financial Analysis: Created performance reports for CFO to analyze monthly, quarterly, and annual financial results to budget.

• Portfolio Management: Consolidated company budgets and prepared budget book. Monitored loan compliance and created quarterly certificates submitted to Lender Group. Analyzed taxable income to determine dividend rate increases.

• Investor Relations: Provided analytical support, including proforma calculations and review of analyst reports and NAV models, in presentations for industry and investor conferences. Created quarterly supplement reports, earnings press releases, and supplemental narrative. Answered analyst questions on behalf of CFO.

-CMS Companies-
Aug 1999 – Dec 2000
Financial Analysis: Responsible for modeling proforma property performance and associated fund cash waterfalls for acquisitions.

Portfolio Management: Monitored asset performance to underwriting and local markets, conducted market research, prepared management reports, and tracked investment distribution of $400mm of equity among four funds. Prepared loan applications for new debt and refinance activities.

Diplomat Capital & Kettlespace

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