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Mari-Lyn Harris

Name: Mari-Lyn Harris

Address: Fremont 94538 United States

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Primary Service: Employee Experience

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Launched Heart@Work in 2001, for the purpose of bringing in new ideas to create a happier, healthier and kinder workplace culture. after several years, this year actually I decided to go back into it again. In-between of then and now, I was doing coaching, marketing and sales. Created Sedona Pies, something that you can show your appreciation to your clients and employees with. I also have a Podcast series "How to create an impactful legacy." My intention to bring together speakers, trainers together who will share their experiences in the space of creating a happier culture for better productivity.   Topics are be about productivity, profits, leading with kindness and the workplace culture. Audience is for CEO’s, Business Owners and Non-profit Leaders.


My resume is too long and varied, it's not a direct route I would just use my LinkedIn profile.



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Services Offered: Global
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