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Alison  Hutchens

Name: Alison Hutchens

Address:Fitzroy St, Sydney NSW 2061 Australia

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Primary Service: Coaching

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Mind Body Energy Pty Ltd

I am a former senior executive with 27 years of global corporate experience 🌟 I am known as a thought leader in Mindfulness, Resilience and Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology 🌟Mindful Leadership Trainer🌟Keynote Speaker 🌟 Creator of the “Zen Warrior” Mindfulness for Children that appears on Qantas in flight entertainment via Kinderling Kid’s radio 🌟 Master Practitioner of NLP 🌟 Professional Coach 🌟Mental Health First Aid🌟

🌟 How can I help? 🌟

I help individuals and organizations to thrive and achieve their highest potential.
I help create "Better Workplaces" with "Better Business outcomes".

I provide Corporate Mindfulness, Positive Psychology,Resilience and Emotional Intelligence assessments and Coaching (GENOS) allowing you to learn powerful new skills to optimize performance, develop resilient teams, and make a positive impact on your bottom line.

Having experienced the pressures corporate life and wellbeing issues myself, I am aware of some of the challenges that we can face:

➊ Lack of employee engagement/teamwork /cultural challenges/pressure to perform/challenges coping with change
➋ Leadership /lack of motivation/creativity /low levels of job satisfaction and performance
➌ Staff wellbeing issues (absenteeism/presenteeism/stress and burnout)
To address these challenges, I run a variety of evidence- based training and keynote presentations addressing the wellbeing needs of your staff:

▶Mindfulness Meditation
▶Resilience Training
▶Emotional Intelligence
▶Positive Psychology
▶Laughter Workshops
▶Mindful Leadership
▶Sleep Clinic
▶Corporate Wellbeing
▶Mental Health First Aid Training

I am passionate about teaching the corporate world research-based strategies to help you foster mindfulness, handle stress, and guard against burnout.

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-Mind Body Energy Pty Ltd-
Mindfulness ,Resilience,Postive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence Coach/Keynote Speaker
Jan 2012 – Present
We offer various evidence-based training programs to create smarter and calmer workplaces. We have a suite of training offers that can be fully customised: Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence,Resilience Neuroscience, and Positive Psychology.

▶️Evidence-Based Mindfulness Based Training that Works:
 Enhance performance and productivity
 Reduce stress and burnout
 Reduce organisational costs
 Re-energise your corporate culture
 Increase attention and innovation
 Educate employees on how to be mindful in this “digital age”
 Decrease staff absenteeism and sick leave
 Attract and retain quality staff
 Enhance the reputation for your organization
 Increase job satisfaction and morale

▶️ Emotional Intelligence Assessments and Coaching designed to improve:
 Leadership
 Employee Engagement
 Sales Performance
 Customer Service
 Productivity
 Workplace Culture

▶️Positive Psychology -educating organisations on the elements of wellbeing and strategies to be their absolute best.
 Improving productivity and creativity
 Building positive relationships
 Cultivating positivity for an improved workplace culture and for general wellbeing
 Embracing engagement amongst teams.

▶️Mindful Leadership Program in partnership with Mindful Life Training
Mindful Life Training’s content and facilitators are different from general mindfulness trainers. Our leaders are past corporate leaders, trained in Business, Change Management, Emotional Intelligence and Evidence Based Mindfulness. We make mindfulness accessible, created in business language and structured for the corporate environment.
We ensure a great learning experience, relief from stress, and a professional training environment. Mindful Life Training’s programs are based on Neuroscience, Management Research and deep corporate insight.

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-Mindful Life Training-
May 2019 – Present
Mindful Life Training helps organisations to transform people leadership, workplace engagement and wellness through Evidence-based Corporate Mindfulness Training, Mindful Leadership training and best practise Health and Well Being programs.
MLT trains frontline staff, management and executive teams in mental agility, resilience and peak performance. We partner with organisations to address workplace employee health, safety, and positive culture development goals. We provide benchmark health and wellbeing measurements prior to and at the completion of the program to provide an ROI on all programs.
Our Mindfulness Solutions and Health and Well Being Programs include Keynote’s to corporate off-site presentations to the creation of bespoke health and well-being programs. Our team are experts in understanding the corporate environment and link organisational goals to all programs. We also partner with you to develop internal communications program for delivery.
Our team includes psychologists, change management experts, professional nutrition practitioners, world class athletes and a PHD Neuroscientists to deliver cutting edge science based health programs. Our programs include:
1. Proprietary, evidence based Mindful Leadership Training Programs
2. The Neuroscience of Mindfulness at work for Mental Health, Safety and stress management.
2. Emotional Intelligence assessment, coaching and training to improve EQ.
3. Resilience and Creativity training
4. The Neuroscience of nutrition and brain health
5. The science of breathing, breathing retraining, fatigue management and prevention. The science of Sleep
6. Eating for peak performance
7. Science based food and behavioural strategies for enhancing cognitive performance and energy management
8. Organisational strategies for embedding health eating programs

Senior Account Manager
Sep 2007 – Feb 2011

-Avaya South Pacific-
Business Consulting Manager
1998 – 2007

Mind Body Energy Pty Ltd

Keys Services offered

At Mind Body Energy we help individuals and organizations to thrive and achieve their highest potential.

We provide Corporate Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence assessments and Coaching (GENOS) allowing you to learn powerful new skills to optimize performance, develop resilient teams, and make a positive impact on your bottom line.

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