Sat, Sep 26 2020

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Siddharth  Swaroop

Name: Siddharth Swaroop

Address:4074 BPO Way, Piscataway 08854 United States

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BKCoin Capital LP

“With me, everything turns into mathematics.”-René Descartes

MS in mathematical finance candidate at Rutgers University, Graduating May 2020.
Worked as a Quantitative Analyst Intern at 2 hedge funds in the New York City Area.

Knowledge of quantitative Finance stochastic calculus computational Finance and Programming Finance.
Skilled in MATLAB, C, C++, SQL, R, Python & MS Office, Machine Learning,Deep Learning,NLP.

Actively seeking full time roles starting May 2020.

Feel free to contact at or +1-8482379104


-BKCoin Capital LP-
Quant Analyst Intern
Sep 2019 – Nov 2019

-Bergamot Asset Management LLC-
Quant Analyst Intern
Jun 2019 – Aug 2019
• Assisting the company with the development of two quantitative systems valuation and fundamental.
• Conducting statistical research required for developing a financial portfolio, utilizing a strong understanding of fundamental stock research and financial statement analysis.
• Conducting regression analysis and integrate analysis through programming/script using Python and C# along with command of SQL and MS Server Management Studio.
• Carrying out ongoing research into trading strategies, risk management, and transaction cost modeling.
• Assisting in development of customized portfolio solutions and management for company’s institutional clients.
• Creating monitoring tools to gather historical trend data and to indicate deviations from historical relationships.
• Creating and maintaining quantitative models to perform index and trend comparisons.
• Creating portfolio monitoring tools to manage risk of existing positions and analyze portfolio sensitivities using quantitative skills.

-Ashwath Group of Companies-
Engineer - Project Finance & Management
Oct 2016 – Jun 2018
• Screening new projects, defining project description & scope and conducting feasibility studies to determine the financial viability of new ventures projecting cash flow & growth opportunities.
• Prepare, Monitor and ensure cash flows, fund flows, Profitability Statements, Payback periods, DSCRs, projected profitability and other financial parameters, reports to analyze inflow, outflow of funds and profits/surplus resulting thereof.
• Develop project plan and recommended deliverable and milestones.
• Reduced operation risks by quality assurance, cases testing and monitoring live performance

Internship Trainee
Jun 2017 – Aug 2017
 Proved to be a major asset in research work & prepared report on the topic of Smart Cities.
 The report covered the entire 100 smart cities projects announced by the government of India.
 Collaborated efficiently in a team of 4 to present and submit the report to the Embassy.

BKCoin Capital LP

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BKCoin Capital LP is a cryptocurrency hedge fund dedicated to delivering consistent, uncorrelated absolute returns, founded by two traders bringing over 45 years of combined institutional trading experience.

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