Wed, Aug 04 2021

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Alek Dincoff

Name: Alek Dincoff

Address:14921 Pulver Road, Fort Wayne 26845 United States


Reviews: (1)

Primary Service: Communications

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My Information:

Alek Dincoff, LLC


Thanks for checking out my profile!
My name is Alek and I'm a full time professional voice actor.
My goal is to provide you with the best voice over experience on Open Sourced Workplace.
I specifically tailor each audio sample to meet your needs and give your project the time and attention it deserves with a structure that promotes quality over quantity.

Words that my awesome clients use to describe my voice and delivery style:
Warm. Friendly. Genuine. Conversational. Authoritative. Fun.

Experience: Commercials, Narrations, E-learning, Audio Books, Children's Storytelling, Character Voices, Telephony, Lip Sync and Lip Dubbing, Whiteboard and Explainer Videos.

Alek Dincoff, LLC

Keys Services offered

Voice Over, Audio Editing, Video Editing, Acting, Consulting, Recruiting, Animation, Audio Book Narration,

General Business Information

Services Offered: Global
Licensed: No
Bonded: No
Insured: No
Union: No

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Review: Alek is reliable, professional, communicates well and takes ownership of responsibilities. Alek is also a great guy who i have got to know over the last year.

Not only is Alek narrating OSW articles for our podcast he also is a big part of our weekly YouTube video diary.