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Clayton  Sullivan

Name: Clayton Sullivan

Address:105 Eastern Ave, Annapolis 21403 United States

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Primary Service: Coaching

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PI Midlantic | Predictive Index

Bad hires hurting your culture? Losing top performers? Struggling to identify the root causes of underperforming individuals or teams?

100% of the reason companies fail to achieve their mission is an anemic people strategy. For 35 years, we've helped companies achieve greater performance by designing the right people strategy and ensuring a purposeful workplace culture. Our methodology combines ongoing advisory expertise, leadership development and team effectiveness workshops, behavioral and cognitive analytics, and technology. We partner with startups to Fortune 100 organizations in 150 countries and 70 languages.


-PI Midlantic | Predictive Index-
Talent Optimization Advisor | Leadership Coach
2013 – Present
We help organizations around the world build the cultures they need to achieve results.

Executive Coaching | Management & Team Effectiveness Workshop Training | Data Analytics for Structured Pre-Hire, Interviewing, Hiring, Onboarding, and Ongoing Development Objectives | Employee Engagement Solutions | Succession Planning | Predictive Index Talent Optimization Software Suite | Available for Speaking Engagements


Office: (410) 295-0771

-Growth Stage Private Equity-
1997 – 2012
Capstone Partners
Latona Associates
Spencer Trask Ventures

PI Midlantic | Predictive Index

Keys Services offered

At PI Midlantic, we’re breaking the cycle of disengagement in the workplace. It starts with hiring the right people for the right jobs, igniting enthusiasm, and then unleashing their productivity as part of an all-encompassing approach to talent optimization.

Established in 1985, PI Midlantic was among the earliest believers in the power of the Predictive Index® as the ultimate tool to help companies hire smarter and engage their employees. Since then, we have honed our skills as one of the most successful Predictive Index partners in the world, with over 500 clients in all 50 US states and Puerto Rico and 28 countries across the globe.

About Our Team
At PI Midlantic, we consistently apply the Predictive Index program to our own team, resulting in a group of enthusiastic and highly productive consultants who make an immediate impact on our client companies’ workforces.

As a PI Midlantic client, you’ll be matched with a seasoned professional who has experience in executive leadership. Our consultants team up with you to create a winning plan using the tools Predictive Index has to offer. We then help you implement the tools across your company and educate your workforce.

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