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Frank Cottle

Name: Frank Cottle

Address:23 Corporate Plaza Suite 150, Newport Beach 92660 United States

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Alliance Virtual Offices

I’m the founder and CEO of the Alliance group of companies, and an experienced speaker, strategist, entrepreneur, advisor, business leader and investor.

Since 1979 I’ve been building flexible workspace companies under the Alliance brand and its predecessor companies, focusing on new ways of working that genuinely meet the needs of today’s entrepreneurs by combining three fundamental components: people, place, and technology.

My primary areas of expertise include integrating flexible workspace models to assist with corporate real estate repositioning, investment banking, finance, workplace technology, and business leadership. I’m a regular on the conference circuit and frequently consult with multinational firms to plan and formulate strategies for the future of work.

I’m always happy and willing to share my expertise and vision for the future of work through speaking engagements, interviews, panel discussions, podcasts, consultancy, and over a coffee. Let’s connect and start a conversation.


Chairman, Founder - Alliance Virtual Offices

Founder, Chairman, Speaker, Flexible Workspace & Virtual Office Expert - Alliance Business Centers Network

Director of Procurement, USA - Deloitte Consulting

Alliance Virtual Offices


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