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Chris Wallace

Name: Chris Wallace

Address:1500 Walnut St Suite 1620, Philadelphia 19102 United States

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Primary Service: Marketing

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InnerView Group

I help marketers influence their most elusive audience - the people at the front lines who represent their brand. A company's brand is a collection of promises they are making to their customers. My role is to make sure that anyone who represents a brand (salespeople, partners, distributors, etc.) can deliver on those promises.

Published - Harvard Business Review: Jan 26, 2017
Executives and Salespeople Are Misaligned — and the Effects Are Costly -


Co-Founder, President
InnerView Group
Jan 2018 – Present
Greater Philadelphia Area

Companies invest heavily in marketing and advertising to influence their customers. But, what about the people who talk to those customers?

InnerView is a marketing consulting firm that helps companies effectively transfer their brand messages to their employees and partners on the front lines. We ensure that the people who represent your brand believe in the messages and are equipped to deliver them confidently and consistently. The results are an enhanced customer experience, better sales conversion, improved customer loyalty/retention and greater revenue performance

Adjunct Professor
Fox School of Business and Management - Temple University
Sep 2017 – Nov 2017
Greater Philadelphia Area

Adjunct professor of Leadership in Temple's Professional MBA program.

Founding Partner
Incite Sales, a GrowthPlay Company
Mar 2011 – Oct 2017
Philadelphia, PA

Incite is a Strategic Sales Activation Firm. Our mission is to empower front line salespeople to achieve the best for themselves, their company and their customers.

Regional Director
Comcast Corporation (Comcast Networks)
Jan 2006 – Mar 2011

Director, Sales & Marketing - TPC at Jasna Polana
Apr 2004 – Dec 2005

InnerView Group

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InnerView is a marketing consulting firm that enables B2C companies to deliver their brand and product messages more effectively and consistently. By creating a sense of belief, confidence and pride among internal customer-facing audiences, InnerView partners experience improved conversion, better customer satisfaction and accelerated revenue.

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