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Title: Global Coworking Desk Price Averages - Coworking Insights Episode 1

Welcome to Coworking Insights, a podcast that dissects data from the coworking industry in a fun and interactive way, while comparing global data to local markets. We strive to understand how coworking in developing worldwide and how space managers and developers can use this data to optimize their product-market fit.

During this episode, you will hear insight into the global coworking desk price average including a market comparison for the cities of Toronto, Bali, and Tampa. Expect to have access to a full chart and analysis breakdown of the 2019 desk price index report next week!
Show Notes:
00:23 - Introduction to the show
01:35 – How we accessed and cleaned the desk data
02:20 – Global Coworking Desk Price Averages 2018 – 2019
03:10 – Conclusions on monthly desk price averages
02:59 – Toronto market comparison
04:45 – Bali market comparison
07:29 – Tampa, Florida, coworking market comparison
09:12 – Summary of global desk price averages
10:12 – Desk Price Index report
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