Fri, Sep 18 2020

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Title: Coworking Space Configuration Data: Global Averages - Coworking Insights Podcast Episode 3

As the coworking industry evolves it offers customers more choices from workspace amenities to pricing. In this episode, we analyze data from across 10,000 coworking spaces globally to see how workstations are configured. We specifically discuss global averages compared to a new space, Bay 3 located in Tampa, Florida. As a global average, how many desks are there in a coworking space?

Find out on this episode.

Discussed: Bay 3 Coworking

Show Notes:

01:35 – Space Configuration Global Averages

01:56 – Desks, Offices, and Meeting Rooms supply comparison

02:23 – How Bay 3 determined configuration
04:07 – How Bay 3’s configuration has evolved
05:15 – Lead generation for Bay 3
06:16 – What workstations are most in demand locally
07:28 – Busiest times of the day and week
09:02 – Summary of global space configuration data
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