Mon, Nov 30 2020

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Title: Ep 12 - [Data] Has the Global Coworking Recovery Begun?

In this episode, we discuss how the global coworking industry will recover from a post-COVID-19 environment. Find out what the future holds for coworking and remote work as people begin to return to their workplaces. After surveying both longtime and first-time remote workers across the globe, the report you will hear about analyzes the outcomes of the world’s largest remote work experiment to date.

Links: Time Stamps: 00:39 - The destructive path that COVID-19 left in our lives 03:49 - Reviewing the strongest markets pre COVID 19 05:49 - Analyzing leads in a post-COVID 19 environment 08:14 - “Private offices are going to rebound sharply and a lot of that demand is going to be driven by corporates that are decentralizing their workforce” - Sam Marks 08:47 - Companies that have announced their participation in the remote first workforce policy 11:08 - Episode summary and conclusion

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