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Author: Eric  Eric
Title: Hospitality and the Future of Work (with Robert Polacek and Felipe Gomez-Kraus)

The dynamic relationship between workplace and hospitality has a long history. From business trips and working lunches to in-office amenities and even workplace design, we've seen the line between work and leisure become more blurred. 

If work can happen in cafes and hotel lobbies, how can offices become an exciting destination that fully immerses employees in a unique and memorable experience, that makes them want to keep coming back?

In this episode, we explore how the hospitality industry might hold the answers to creating the future of work. 



Rob Polacek 

Founder + Creative Director, Rob Polacek oversees the diverse interior architecture, design, and brand identity practice of 
RoseBernard Studio, contributing a unique vision to the firm’s interdisciplinary consulting mission. With a degree in architecture, Rob is recognized for his ability to understand the interactions between the user and the built environment, creating aesthetically and functionally successful restaurants and hotels that visually reflect a brand’s culture. 

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Felipe Gomez-Kraus

As President of Raise Commercial Real Estate, the world’s first Tech-Enabled, full service commercial real estate brokerage, Felipe Gomez-Kraus is tasked with leading the multi-faceted brokerage team, in addition to being a trusted real estate advisor to many of today’s most prominent technology companies and occupiers.

With over a decade in the industry, spanning The CAC Group and CBRE, to Raise Commercial Real Estate, and with extensive management experience in luxury hospitality with Four Seasons and Rosewood Hotels, Felipe has created a foundation uniquely suited to rethinking the brokerage business from the ground up.

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