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Author: Eric  Eric
Title: 5. From Perspective to Action (Round table discussion with Morgan Flannery, Seth Moore-Brown, and Elfreda Chan)

2020 will forever be known as the year that all was revealed. It exposed all the cracks and flaws. Made us see the injustices and inequities that we weren’t willing or able to see. It forced us to focus on what really matters. 

But as we move into this new year, with the impact of 2020 still very much with us, how do we take this new perspective and awareness and move forward? 

In this episode, I invite you into a round table discussion that I recently had with 3 industry peers - Morgan Flannery, Seth Moore-Brown, and Elfreda Chan.

Guest Bios:

Morgan Flannery
With a background as a designer within high-end hospitality and workplace, Morgan now uses this experience to drive her role within workplace strategy and is passionate about the power of design to create holistic environments that are beautiful, functional, healthy, and inspiring. She is also the proud parent of 18 new house plants all added during 2020.

Seth Moore-Brown
Seth is a Business Development Manager with Teknion in their San Francisco office. He started building furniture at 17 and is now providing furniture and architectural product solutions bringing the journey full circle. His passion for people and relationships is a driving force in his work.

Elfreda Chan
Elfreda has worked on large scale architecture and master planning projects since 2004 and joined M Moser’s global strategy team in 2010. Her background and experience offer valuable insight into the planning and design of effective workplace environments. Together with the project team, she works closely with clients to develop workplaces with optimized strategies that align to both business objectives and people’s needs. She prioritizes understanding clients first, before exploring ideas and developing solutions with them to ensure that the built environment is the most appropriate for the business and impacts people’s lives in the most positive and productive way possible.

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