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Author: Eric  Eric
Title: Well-Being and Belonging in the Hybrid Workplace (Guest: Angela Howard)

More names are being added to the list of companies who are declaring that a hybrid and more flexible approach to work is here to stay. Although it's still too soon to say what this future will look like, it does look promising. The talent pool has gotten a lot bigger and people won't be forced to live near an office, but where they actually feel like they belong.

If the future of work becomes a blend of both remote work and time in the office, how do we ensure that what we're creating is an inclusive experience for employees, no matter where they are.

In this episode, I am joined by organizational psychologists and culture strategist, Angela Howard, as we discussed the need for leaders to prioritize employee wellbeing and belonging, as we create the blended workplace.  


Angela R. Howard is an organizational psychologist and culture strategist working to build human-centric workplaces, better leaders, and thriving communities, along-side growth-minded leaders. She's a trusted advisor and coach to owners, founders, and CEOs interested in shaping and “actualizing” their organizational cultures for the collective good of their organizations, employees and the communities they serve. Her mission is to re-invent the role of “HR” and create more human-centric workplaces that enrich the lives of a diverse workforce and inspire them to do good for the world.  @arosehoward

Humanly Possible Podcast: Future of Work Conversations

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  • Sustainability & Environmental initiatives
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