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Title: Changing the Way We Work (Not Just Where We Work) - Gus Scaiano at Imagine Your Workplace Conference
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Imagine Your Workplace Conference Official event website:

Employee well-being is pivotal to a thriving workplace. This radical event addresses employee productivity by delivering and examining trendsetting information on leading, managing, culture and wellness.
Every Canadian business leader and HR professional interested in improving employee well-being is welcome. For the love of humanity, join us.
Lightning Talk Session: Changing the Way We Work (Not Just Where We Work) Gus Scaiano VP, Workforce Transformation, Scotiabank
The Way We Work (W3) is Scotiabank’s approach for transforming not only where people work, but the way they work. Scotiabank has been incrementally evolving their approach to work. In 2017, we paused the evolution and took a decidedly non-incremental leap into activity-based working. It’s early days, but with about 1,000 employees working in a highly mobile way — in work environments designed to maximize employee choice and actively support both focus work and collaboration — the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. By embracing activity-based working and looking beyond the organizational chart, Scotiabank is driving an internal cultural revolution. This is the story of that change.
Gus is leading a complete rethink of how head office environments function at Scotiabank. Under the Way We Work (W3) banner, Scotiabank is adopting an activity-based approach that brings staff together, drives choice and flexibility, while still enabling productivity. W3 flips the typical office design project by being primarily a behavioural change program, supported by technology and physical space changes. Gus is a P.Eng. and MBA and has spent nearly 20 years leading retail banking businesses, primarily in international locations.

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