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Author: Amanda Amanda
Title: Why We Sleep - Matthew Walker Ph.D. - Animated Video
Category: Private Office Space

Why We Sleep - Matthew Walker Ph.D. - Animated Video

Sleeping for less than seven hours regularly:
· doubles their risk of developing cancer
· disrupts the levels of blood sugar, leading to pre-diabetic
· increases the chance of several heart diseases
· creates the factor for the development of Alzheimer’s disease
· contributes to anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts
· concentrates the hormones in our body that make us feel famished
But on the contrary, sufficient sleep:
· restores the immune system
· refines our metabolic state
· controls the appetite
· improve our abilities to learn, memorize, make choices and decisions

6 Products I use to maximize my sleep (In order of importance) 

2. Blue light blocking glasses -
3. Light Alarm Clock -
4. Brain.fim -
5. Magnesium -
6. Red Light -
The review was written by Anna Efstratiadi:
Narrated by Alek Dincoff:
Animation by Amanda Cerny:

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