Sat, Jan 16 2021

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Title: Ways of Working Agile - Agile in a Nutshell Video

This video covers some of the key concepts of ways of working agile. Why competences are more important than traditional roles, the concept of T-shape and how it helps the team collaborate and build innovative and high quality solutions, how we find value together in a x-functional team as well as key principles och Lean UX and Modern Agile. All this to make your organization adapt quickly to meet new customer needs.

The content of this video is part of the poster "Agile in a Nutshell" which you can download for free and use in your daily work. The poster has been translated to many different languages and has now over 45.000 downloads.
The Agile in a Nutshell poster is also available for purchase as A1 paper print out with free shipping across the globe.

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