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Title: How to Create a Flexible and Agile Work Environment

Employers are paying more attention to the work environment provided to their employees. With advances in technology, we are able to create agile workspaces and opportunities more than ever before. If you are truly desiring ways to retain your great talent, focus on how you can provide a work environment for them that allows them to ways to boost productivity, focus and avoid distractions that often come in open planned workspaces or cubicle worlds.

In this video, you'll learn ways to:
- Create workspaces that provide flexibility to your employees and their lives
- Retain top talent by allowing agility to when and where they work
- Modify your existing work environment to make the most of people's productive times of day
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Neen James is a motivational keynote speaker who helps grow your business and teaches employees how to be more productive, how to be more organized, and how to pay attention. Neen’s Powerhouse leadership, and the leadership training and leadership skills that she provides in her keynote presentations, provides insights on how to get more sales, more results, and more referrals. Neen provides alternative perspectives to time management, through her signature program Folding Time® and provides time management tips, skills, activities, techniques and strategies to increase productivity and accountability in the workplace, leading to more employee engagement, higher customer service and satisfaction, and more AH-Mazing moments through paying attention.

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What is the main business driver for workplace professionals post-vaccine?

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  • Sustainability & Environmental initiatives
  • Cost containment and reductions

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