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Title: 7 tips to end the Daily Stand-up on time - This is Agile

Are you having trouble to have short and focused daily stand-ups? Do they always tend to derail and drag on far beyond the intended 15 minute timebox? Don’t despair! Here’s 7 tips to end your daily standup on time. (Daily Stand-ups are also known as Daily Meetings and Daily Scrum.) (Video was provided by crispagileacademy)

1) Timer
2) Start with an updated board
3) Throw in the rat
4) After-Party
5) Pass a microphone
6) No external interruptions
7) Plank
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The Rathole Facilitation Technique:
MIKE – The Daily Meeting Microphone: Camera, script, graphics and editing: Jimmy Janlén
Book: Visualization Examples -
Educational LEGO posters -
Intro music: Dubstep (Royalty Free Music from

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