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Title: Internship Guidelines for Employers
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Before you hire interns for the summer, make sure you understand how your internship program should be structured and the Department of Labor's guidelines under the Fair Labor Standards Act. In this HR Minute, Claudia St. John, President of Affinity HR Group, explains the high standards for bona fide internships. (Video provided by Affinity HR Group)


This Department of Labor fact sheet provides information to help you determine whether interns for employers are entitled to minimum wages and overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA):
If you and your intern agree that the work experience is sufficient compensation for the labor, you must satisfy the requirements for it to be "bona fide" and thus qualify as an unpaid internship. Check out our previous HR Minute post to see if you meet the requirements:
Have additional questions about how to structure your internship program?
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